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Great State - 1/18/2018
Delaware is a small state which makes everything you need close. It is also centrally located between major cities like Baltimore and Philadelphia. The property taxes are extremely low on real estate compared to other states nearby and no sales tax which keeps the cost of living down. Also Delaware is on the east coast and has some of the cleanest beaches in the country. I would definitely recommend looking more into this Read More

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Comparison - 5/25/2011
Compared to Read More

crime - 12/26/2010
i would like to know is dover,de is a good place to raise kids.cause i have 4. is the crime rate low? where is the best area to live in dover,de? please reply...... if you no about dover,de and have live there or still live there...thank Read More

delaware climate - 10/29/2010
four distinct seasons and few natural disaster Read More

Liberal - 7/25/2010
Delaware is getting too liberal in its politics. It was growing nicely as a well known retirement destination. As it leans Left, higher taxes will surely follow which will diminish its attractiveness as a place to live and retire. Read More

Traffic congestion and bad drivers - 2/13/2010
We have seen the quality of driving go down over the last decade or so, and the number of people driving on the roads has greatly Read More

Delaware Weather - 10/13/2009
If you like to see the seasons change, leaves changing color, mild-moderate winters, light, windy springs and are ok w/ humid summers (including the mosquitoes that come along with it!) then Delaware is the place for you. It's very flat here though, so if you need hills, mountains, etc., you probably would not like it Read More

the first state - 8/3/2009
delaware was the first state to sign the constitution, so there is a lot of history and culture within the state if you know where to look for it and if that interests you. the beaches are a huge attraction during the summer, but other that that there is not much else that goes on in our little Read More

Northern Delaware's getting too crowded! - 10/10/2008
There's so much more traffic and noise. We're looking to get Read More

Thinking of moving to Northern Delaware-Questions? - 8/29/2008
I am concerned about quality of schools in Northern Delaware. I will be working in Wilmington. Is it better to live in Penn for the schools?

We are very active and like newer homes and communities. Can anyone advise where would be a place to live where you have low crime, newer houses, and quality schools?
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