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Religion - 4/24/2006
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Central California is more conservative than the Bay Area or So. Cal.

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El Cajon, CA

quality of life - 3/7/2016

living anywhere in California offers unique opportunities of sun and surf to mountains and snow within a few hours from you. Great of raising a family.

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Milpitas, CA

California!!! - 3/1/2016

I love living in California

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Lomita, CA

A shadow of its' former glory... - 1/8/2016

I have lived in So Cal for the majority of my life. Over the past 45 years I have watched it go from the absolute most amazing place to live in the world; with kind thoughful people, the best roads in America, education that was second to none, the people were free & crime was super low... to a crime-infested, traffic choked, over taxed, nasty cesspool of malaise, corruption and oppression. Here are a few simple points to illustrate. The infrastructure is grossly overloaded by unchecked illegal immigration. The freeways/roadways are gridlocked (not traffic, gridlock) from 7am to 8pm more often than not (a 30 minute drive will take 2 hrs on average during the day). Our schools have gone from the top of the nation to the bottom. Taxes are out of control, but there are no benefits from said taxes, the roads continue to rot and are pockmarked with potholes, tax dollars go to dealing with the huge immigrant/homeless population. Housing is simply unaffordable. Crime is ... well, let's just say... Compton, shall we? Getto culture has replaced Surf/Beach culture. Public employees are paid super huge salaries, cannot get fired and do little or nothing to the public good. Our freedoms have all been usurped. We have assinine gun control laws. The police are now a paramilitary force. Fees/dues/license (an alternative way to squeeze tax money out of the brutalized middle class) are out of control. The air is thick enough to chew. The beaches? Forget it. The water is so polluted most beaches are routinely closed due to the toxicity of the water. Storm runoff and just the simple overcrowding causes tons of sewage to be flushed to sea, right across public beaches. Mountains, beaches, desert; everything is within driving range ... Except you will never get there through the traffic. And if you do try, make sure you have some money to pay for the upkeep of your suspension due to the extremely poor roads. Californian politicians took this state and drove it right into the ground with oppressive liberal nanny policies, huge government and free money/benefits/handouts to illegal immigrants (who have brought their backwards, crime infested corrupt culture with them). Taxpayers that are already stretched to make ends meet are saddled with the whole bill. It is a real poke in the eye when I see folks that cannot even speak the language driving $40,000 SUVs with top of the line smart phones. They can do it, because they don't have to pay taxes, get licences, pay

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Travis AFB, CA

California is unaffordable to non-technical folks - 9/6/2015

California is unaffordable to non-technical folks

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Hemet, CA

Southern California - 8/30/2015

The good: Sunny almost every day and beautiful and cool at the coast. The bad: Too costly for most of us to live near the beach. At least two months of 100 plus degree weather inland. If you are are a senior your medications will say "avoid high temperatures" so you stay in the house with the expensive AC on. I'm looking to move to Washington soon.

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Jackson, CA

Sunny California - 7/29/2015

Pleasant climate throughout most of the state and an easy drive to seashore, desert, mountains...pretty much anything you could want.

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Merced, CA

Subject Title - 6/25/2015

california is a dieing state

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Napa, CA

Napa - 6/19/2015

great weather but too dry!

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Laguna Hills, CA

Too crowded - 6/14/2015

Cost of living is too high and too many rude people in Orange County

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Sherman Oaks, CA

Sherman Oaks - 5/22/2015

Most desirable neighborhood in San Ferando Valley, with homes ranging from $600000 up to $5+ M.

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Keeler, CA

Bring Back AMERICA - 5/22/2015

Lost all for American Citizens. Just More Tax On Them For Non English Speaking.

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Orange, CA

Beauty and the Beast - 5/2/2015

If you wanted to do it, see it, learn it - California is the place to be. There isn't anything that California doesn't offer and it's all within driving range. To be able to live in this progressive state (that values life, history, arts, nature, education, fine dining, technology, etc.) be prepared to pay. The cost of live here is not for the meek of heart. There is a huge Cultural difference between Northern and Southern California so if your looking to move here do your research. I live in Southern (health reasons) but I have lived in Northern and you will find that Northern is a grownup version of Southern California.

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Crestline, CA

southern California mountain living - 4/30/2015

Beautiful, peaceful, clean air, gorgeous manmade lake is Crestline. A nice place to retire if it weren't for the cost of living in California. You can't beat the weather here. There are nice churches up here. A local family owned good sized grocery store and with Lake Arrowhead within 20 minutes and the valley below, so plenty of work if you want to hunt.

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Brockport, NY

near perfect weather but lack of water - 4/19/2015

the foothills of California has perfect weather, kind people, and many outdoor things to do.

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Goleta, CA

Cost of living - 4/6/2015

extremely high

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Walnut Creek, CA

Walnut Creek - 1/5/2015

Great place to live. Close to SF, Berkeley, wine country,and lots of great hiking. Very safe, lots of bike trails. However, it is very expensive. I am a teacher and having a tough time finding a home I can afford. It is also not very ethnically diverse. Great place to raise a family if you can afford it. But, not so great to retire and have money to enjoy life.

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Napa, CA

Liberal to the Extreme - 1/4/2015

California is a great state if you don't mind giving up all of your freedom. If you want a nanny, California is the place you ought to be.

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Grass Valley, CA

California - 12/11/2014

lots of things to do and culture and opportunities are endless

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San Jacinto, CA

San Jacinto, CA - 11/28/2014

Very rural, working class town.

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El Cajon, CA

Liberty - 7/24/2014

Looking for a place where the founding father's values are alive

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