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 Melissa Fowler
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Star Rating 11/19/2007
Bozeman was a great little town set amoung beautiful mountain ranges with fantastic recreation oppertunities. However, if you want to survive in Bozeman and enjoy being there you need money before getting there, you most likely will not make it there. Housing is riduclous and pay is so low that most people are working 2-3 jobs, which leaves little time for fun. Montana has many great small towns that will not suck you dry. Bozeman has given way to being anywhere USA with the new Linens and Things, World Market, Home Depot, Lowe's and on and on. Not long ago there was a dirt road where those places are now. One might say why stop growth, the 1% unemployment has put the town in a horrible hiring situtation, McDonald's can't even keep their doors open due to staffing. Many many many college grads are working low wage jobs. For you own future do you homework. They say the way to make a small fortune in Bozeman is to start with a large one. Good luck.



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