Birmingham? Not bad--I guess.

 megan koontz
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Star Rating 9/22/2008
I moved to Birmingham from central Texas recently, and while I like the area, I am looking forward to moving home to Texas. The areas are so drastically different--from street to street. I had the hugest challenge in finding somewhere to live based on the horrific crime rates. While the area offers pretty views in the trees and rolling hills, much of the 'city' portion of Birmingham is forgotten, as the majority of buildings appear to be falling apart or seriously condemned. People are nice enough, although don't tend to go out of their ways to offer a simple smile in passing or anything--keep in mind, I don't think this is anything crazy, being from Texas and all! :) The overall religious backlash is a bit too much as well--I'm a very spiritual person, but the overload of conservative mindset behind modern issues is too Mayberry for me. It is 2008, after all. It's not a bad place to be, if you're a family, desiring a life in a suburbia, full of small-town activities and church life... if you can stay away from the crime of the inner city.



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