It's not a family friendly place

Star Rating 6/6/2010
For my family it was nice living for 12 years. Now we are moving and living behind our house because nobody cares to protect our neighborhood from teenage thugs. In our case they were all girls. The city keeps these things as a secret. They only report Section 8 crimes. The media will never report it and once you move to Palmdale you become trapped. You have this beautiful house and for a reason. You'll never go out. You can't look outside your windows, so view is not important. You won't be enjoying your backyard, so don't waste your money on landscaping. Bottom line, if you want to move to Palmdale with small children, don't! There is no safe place for them to grow up. I tried to post reviews and write numerous letters to tell many people how really life in Palmdale looks like but nobody would publish it. Palmdale right now is only east side and Rancho Vista. The west side of Palmdale has been decimated.



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