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Star Rating 8/8/2008
West Virginia has one of the worst climates for business. We ranked last out of the entire united states in the most business friendly climate. This ranks the size of our workforce(there are more people in Pittsburgh than in our entire state), the educational levels achieved by our population, and our taxes on businesses, among other factors. Jobs are extremely scarce here. Furthermore, we are one of the poorest states, and we are taxed the most. In West Virginia you are considered well off if you make 40-60,000 and super rich if you make over 100,000 a year. We have had the same old leadership for decades. I'm 24 years old and I think we have had the same 2 senators my entire life. How does a state progress with the same ideology in control for that long. I think computers weren't even mainstream back in those days. If you are contemplating a move here, then have money.



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