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"What is the cheapest weekly motel stay in Ashevill"

What is the cheapest weekly motel stay in Ashevill - 5/25/2011
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Anybody know of any really cheap motels that are at least clean, not super dumpy in Asheville, NC? besides intownsuites or whatever the name of that one is Hoping for something that is no more then $200 per week tax included.

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Brooklyn, NY

Keep the hysteria in check - 8/17/2016

Just wanted to chime in a few thoughts from a native who no longer lives there, but visits family regularly. I was born and raised in Asheville for all of my first 26 years, but have been living in Brooklyn, NY since 2001. Around the time I departed Asheville, the city was surely on the upswing - albeit nowhere near the level of the beer culture, housing/downtown development, and transplant magnet it would become. As a reader of these reviews, I would take the more extremist histrionics you read in here with a huge grain of salt. My husband and I are looking to move to a new city ourselves, so I came here to see how the outlook on Asheville jives with what I've been noticing or hearing from Asheville friends over the last decade. As with any city you are considering moving to, investigation is critical: visit, talk to locals, walk the city and neighborhoods, check housing/supermarket prices, talk to more locals, and do your due diligence whenever you can. Firstly, yes, there are huge cons. And be ready for them: The economy still seems largely service/hospitality oriented, and you will likely not be paid well. I've met transplants who seems to have plenty of mystery money or be able to work remotely - but if you are looking to get a 'good job' in Asheville without much of a plan, then good luck to you. Housing is expensive. It's true. Esp when you considered the aforementioned wages. I do not consider the supermarket food expensive. Whatsoever. The bigger stores have sales galore and there are also grocery ‘depots’ and plenty of Walmarts, if that’s your thing. Dating prospects (per my friends who still live in the area) can be bleak. Late 30's individuals with multiple part-time jobs and multiple roommates are not uncommon. Perhaps it's outdoorsy types more content to scrape by on less - or, again, the aforementioned wages/economic situation, who knows. However, I don't want to overgeneralize, as there are likely many transplants or locals with stable (or, gasp, lucrative) livings. But probably not 'the norm'. On the other hand: I've read several hysterical complaints about the 'cold/grey/dreary' weather. This seems a gross exaggeration. Firstly, I'd be careful about moving anywhere for 'perfect weather' – or somehow hoping for it to impact your general happiness in life. But that is a personal aside. In truth, the winters are relatively mild by most standards with plenty of sunny days (some snow, but not 'snow dumps' as I read in other posts. My parents often complain about the lack of snow). Yes, the summers can be a bit muggy, but 300% better than then rest of the state, most of the south, and many of the other states I've lived in such as MO and NY. There are definitely NOT spiders and snakes everywhere in the metro area (or thankfully, the dreaded flying palmetto bug). I'm still impressed with NC's lack of 'bugginess' compared to other places. I've never been forced off a hiking trail due to mosquitoes or biting flies (as I have in my husband's home state of WI). I would *not* describe Asheville as a 'college town'. Yes, I attended UNCA myself, and it's an excellent academic school - but it is a small school of ~3500 students (many of whom are nontraditional/commuter students), and no football team. Lack of sports was always a plus for me, but the town does not really have that sporty collegiate vibe about it. The beauty of WNC is undeniable. Maybe not at the level of say, MT, the Eastern Sierra, or the PNW, but the Blue Ridge Mountains are stunning and full of trails and swimming holes which you will likely have all to yourself on a hike. Years ago, I took a 5 week cross-country trip with my folks and was flabbergasted at the beauty of The Badlands, Grand Tetons, California Coast, NM deserts, Rocky Mts, etc. But returning to NC via the Nantahala National Forest has me truly surprised at how well my home state 'stacked up' to some of the beauty I'd just seen across the country. I've never felt 'closed in' or sad about our mountains. They are smaller, yes, but I love the Appalachians on their own merits. I cannot speak for some of the comments on crime, lackluster schools, or ‘friendliness’ (Ashevillians do seem quite friendly to me, but even native New Yorkers have described me as ‘reserved’ so perhaps it’s in my blood too ?). For crimes/school info, please look up stats whenever possible and talk to locals or police before moving to a new area. Now, the main reasons I have little interest in returning to Asheville to raise my son (despite having family in the area) are the lack of diverse economic opportunities in the area (my husband works in tech and I fear there is little going on in WNC), the bad car traffic (which is not NY level, but getting fairly congested) and lack of public transit, and, finally, the fratty beer culture / bachelor party vibe you often see downtown these days. I’ve had several friends move to Brooklyn from Asheville in recent years, and they too do not seem too keen on returning to Asheville, even with all of NYC’s problems and ‘bad weather’. But there are plenty of people moving from Brooklyn to WNC, so who knows. If I had to return, I would explore options about 45 to an hour outside of the city. Good luck everyone!

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Charlotte, NC

7 year perspective - 6/26/2016

I read all of the other comments prior to adding a comment myself. I noticed that many posts were made by people from western states with much taller mountains, less humid climates and a completely different culture. I lived on the west coast for many years myself before moving to NC. Folks the south is humid and muggy. Asheville is about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the state and slightly less humid. If you are expecting to find the west in the east you won't. Asheville and the blue ridge in general have a lot of hidden beauty. You will find enjoyment in Asheville if you are adventurous, love art and music or have an interest in the healing arts. Located adjacent to Pisgah National forest which boasts millions of acres, you will find hiking, mountain biking, cycling , hidden swimming holes and back packing. In the city you will find a rich artistic community and many local musicians playing on the streets and in restaurants. Like many others have stated there aren't a lot of jobs if you just want to work for someone else. Because of this, the dating scene can be a little sparse if you are over 30. It's all about what you love. If you love the outdoors, Asheville is a good place to call home. If you are trying to build a career, maybe not so much unless you have an entrepreneurial spirit. Asheville also has a big soccer community. See - beer city cup.

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Cary, NC

Re-vitalization bordering on greed - 3/27/2016

I've grew up in the Asheville area and visit often. I've watched this place transform from a quaint and sometimes eccentric Southern town to an over-developed tourist hub. Downtown is now carpeted with condo high rises and new hotels which have all but eliminated easy to find parking. Downtown streets have gotten crowded with pedestrian and car traffic especially in summer and fall. On the positive side, Asheville has some great restaurants and if you like craft beer, you'll love walking to one of the many great breweries. Have patience during peak tourist season. The Blue Ridge Parkway and nearby State and National parks offer plenty of outdoor opportunities but again, plan for company during the Summer and Fall. Housing in Asheville is expensive and developers are taking advantage of the strong market to build wherever possible, be it on a mountainside or literally in the back yard of houses with larger lots. Again, I think this takes away from once quaint character of this place. Asheville can still be a charming place but you have to look harder for the road less travelled. Dont forget your wallet :-) If I were planning to move back I would consider some of the smaller cities further out like Sylva, Clyde or Spruce Pine. East TN would also be worth a look.

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Winchester, CA

Horrid nightmare - 2/24/2016

Don't do it, don't do it. Don't DO IT. There are so many better places to live in the United States that are not filled with people who are overly depressed, rude and common thieves. Especially if you are a single female. The native people will rip you off every chance they get, from heating oil to basic food to gas etc. The weather is nasty and cold and cloudy most of the year. Summer is filled with humidity, bugs and snakes. Spiders will be in your home daily. Your news is from South Carolina and believe me, it has not changed at all. Like living in 1940. Don't believe the hype they put out on the internet. These folks should be main lining vitamin D. The medical is horrible, most of the pet vets will rip you off royally including/especially the emergency pet clinic. There are only about two vets that are good and fair. Lots of coyotes, so pets go missing. Natives are not friendly at all. And all the services you will need to keep you home in shape will charge you astonishing rip off prices. You won't have a lot of choices. I have lived in four states and seven other cities. This is by far the worst place you could ever choose to live. They hate change... hence Merrimon avenue; the stupidest street in the world, everything is over priced because they hate outsiders and feel that somehow you owe them for all their discontent in life. If you are by yourself, it will be a thousand times worse. There are no four seasons, lie, lie, lie. There are no friendly people, so forget that internet list and the food isn't that great either. When it is good, you are going to pay like you lived in one of the larger cities in the country for small quantities of food. I could go on and on. Just love yourself and don't go there to live. It is all an illusion especially if you are from the western parts of the country where there is sunshine and decent people, not hillbillies killing bears and throwing cigarette butts on your property while they claim to be working at a rate of 250.00 an hour. Go anywhere but this nasty place. If you do go, check every credit card receipt and get everything in writing and at least four to five bids and may God help you to have the strength to leave that nasty, nasty place. And if you must... welcome to the land of spiders and snakes!

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Weaverville, NC

Asheville Sucks - 11/6/2015

Bad roads, surly people, cost of living is higher than in Raleigh. AND NO JOBS, unless you are happy serving entitled assclowns with more money than manners.

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Asheville, NC

Better weather in Asheville than my old Kentucky h - 8/22/2015

I lived in the far western tip of KY, where it was hotter in the summer, colder in the winter, and there were frequent severe storms and tornado warnings. I moved to Asheville almost a year ago, and it's a lot nicer here: summer highs rarely ever go above 90 degrees on the hottest days, it's not as cold in the winter, and tornadoes are rare here. Also, it's not as humid here. I sleep a whole lot better, not having to worry about bad storms and tornadoes rolling in between 4 pm and midnite.

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Marshall, NC

Asheville Quality Of Life Sucks - 8/18/2015

I have lived in the Asheville area for over 20 years. A lot of the reviews I'm reading about Asheville are on point: Rent is expensive, the homes are overpriced, the only jobs available are low-paying service jobs, and, in general, it's difficult for a middle class citizen to make ends meet here. About 10 years ago, one could make a reasonable living for themselves in agriculture here. But ALL of those jobs have been absorbed by illegal immigrants from South and Central America. That said, you may be able to find a minimum wage job here as a waiter, fast food worker, or janitor. Traffic is terrible, due to dated infrastructure, and ntm everyone I know has to commute for at least 30 min -> 1.5 hours (I have been commuting for 1.25 hours for the last 3 years). Driving up and down steep mountain roads is Hell on your car. You better befriend a mechanic if you plan on living here, or learn to do it all yourself, like I have. I have to perform brake jobs on all 3 of my cars, every 6-8 months. If you're planning on moving to the area, research 'malfunction junction', which is where I26 and I40 intersect; traffic comes to a dead stop on both interstates EVERY SINGLE DAY at rush hour. I have been backed up all the way to Spartanburg, SC, due to this hodge podge. The climate here is OK from late March, to mid October. The rest of the time, it's dumping snow, or just too cold to enjoy oneself. If you're planning on starting a farm here, be prepared for anything you plant to get blossom end rot, blight, or other fungi from all the rain. Either that, or it's too dry to grow anything. These have been the normal weather patterns here for the last decade or so. What about housing? All of my lower middle-class, to middle class friends have to have multiple roommates in order to make ends meet. If you're a family person, you may be able to get a shitty little trailer for $750+ a month, if you're willing to commute 30 min. It's common for 40 somethings to live with 3-4 other people here, b/c it's so damn expensive. I know what you're thinking: 'this dude's just a sourpuss', or 'it must be really nice there and he's just discouraging people from wanting to live in AVL.' That's not the case at all. I have been spinning my wheels in WNC for decades. Every year, I get a little deeper in the hole. And I see friends who have moved to places like Charlotte, or Atlanta, taking on great careers and enjoying short commutes. Bottom line, if you're wealthy, and enjoy a 5 month growing season, bad traffic, high unemployment, and low wages, you will enjoy it in AVL. For the rest of us, it's not practical. This winter will be my last in WNC.

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Candler, NC

Not the outdoor paradise people claim it to be...N - 7/14/2015

I have lived in CA, OR, AZ, and now in Asheville. I came here because I wanted to grow food in a large garden, to live in a place where they take farm to garden seriously, and the great outdoors. I also thought, based on sites like Sperling's and other online sources, that the weather and climate here would be delightful. WRONG on all counts. While it is a good place to grow food, and there are a lot of farm-to-table places, I have not enjoyed life here in the 5 years I have been in the area. The only high point has been the garden, which is great. The farm to table stuff in town is silly, pretentious, and overpriced. It is, simply put, fake and full of poseurs, which pretty well sums up Asheville in general. It is also priced for the rich. Additionally, I must go on a bit about the weather here. The websites claim over 200 sunny or partly sunny days a year for the Asheville region. This is insanely overstated. They must count a day as sunny if weak light drifts through the endless cloud cover for 15 minutes now and then! This is the most dreary, cloudy place I have ever lived, and that includes Oregon! In particular, summers are cloudy every day. OK, not cloudy all day, but most of the day. Especially mornings. If you are like me, and love to get up to a bright, clear summer's morn: forget it, if you live here. Happens only very rarely. And, when it does happen, you can be sure that the day will soon get so hot and muggy, so sticky and unbearable, you'll wish the clouds would come back. It's that sort of place. I am not exaggerating. How about all that "outdoor paradise" stuff the magazines and websites are full of? Well, perhaps Asheville fits that billing-IF you come from the Northeast cities, the Midwest, or from Florida. If, like me, you spent decades living in the West, the mountains will feel small, crowded, and over-rated. In fact, all the outdoor recreation here feels to me like a visit to a city park. There are too many people, and there's too little open space. It all feels suburban. For those who like to be endlessly social, to party and drink beer, then you may just LOVE Asehville. Especially if you are young and "hip" and the recipient of a trust fund, you may find this place perfect. For those who have to work (jobs are scarce and low-paying), not young, not party animals, not devotees of the beer culture: keep away from this place. It is the most over-rated region I have ever experienced.

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Asheville, NC

Reality.... beware!! - 5/30/2015

Where Asheville is a neat place and I enjoyed living there for 3 years. The cons are... its a minum wage town and hard to find work in most fields. Way over priced rent for an old ran down dump. Most craigs posting for apts and house rentals are scammers listing hundreds lower stealing legit postings off other sites. Do not walk alone downtown at night especially after 10 pm extra especially if female for youre asking to get mugged and they beat you up. Police allow drug dealers!!!!! Our neighborhood in west side otherwise great location had problems with a big time heavy traffic dealer and their pit bulls attacking kids and adults... i escaped with my small dog getting inside by an inch.... police said theyve been watching for 4 years and know whats going on!!!!! Yet wont arrest! While Asheville has a huge lesbian population.... if you're gay be careful who you tell at work for youre at risk losing your job! Its happened to me twice including home depot filing sexual discrimmination. The country areas like canton, arden and fletcher.... best to be in the closet for most jobs. In fact if youre straight and married or single with kids... they get promoted and raises and they discrimminate single people without kids. Its a huge bible belt town... a church at nearly every block. Even hard rock radio stayions many commercials advertise a church. However if you need help some christain churches will try to help even if youre gay and arent christain which is a good thing. Out in town for a couple drinks??? Beware if you have 2 or more. Even 1!!! Most bars inform police to pull you over because they get tax write offs. Bartenders etc get paid and/or favors. Theres even people not working for a bar that will scout you and follow you to see if you drive. Ok... i dont support drunk driving... i dont drive drunk. I own a camper van. If i drink over limit i rest in van. One day i drank 2 on a patio and leaving noticed i was stalked. Guy pulled over and stared seeing if id leave for 15 minutes. This is harrassment and i wasnt over the limit!! I jyst spyed watching him watch me and he parked illegally. Food is over priced in grocery stores... they say due to mountains. 7 bucks for a frozen tombstone at ingles. Beware of carrier park taking your dogs there! It use to be a medical dump site and they left most needles and toxins there and covered with top soil. Ive spent many hundreds on antis and steroid shots on my dog getting sick after a walk. Never going back. Do not raft or eat fish from any river!!' All are contaminated and they found new posions not knowing what or where it came from last year. Its hard to make good friendships there. Many are closed off regardless how cool you are. I moved out a few months ago as most people i know have to.

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Asheville, NC

Not what I was hoping for. - 5/13/2015

In moving to Asheville from a Los Angeles beach community where I'd lived all my life, I was hoping for some- thing considerably different. I had previously visited the city in 2002 and found it pleasant and slow-paced. I thought that it would be a nice place to retire to. Since then, development and revitalization have created a bustling city like so many others. People here are astonished when I tell them that the vibe is now very much like Los Angeles except, of course, on a much smaller scale. People here are intolerably rude when rushing around in their vehicles--many talking on their cell phones which North Carolina law allows them to do. Traffic is terrible in the afternoon and early evening. In essence, the stress of getting from one place to another is similar to that in L.A. When out and about, it's hard to appreciate the beauty of the mountains. Naturally, many are attracted to Asheville because of the amenities it now offers--many restaurants and entertainment venues. Personally, I don't like going out that much and prefer quiet evenings at home. If you're looking for Southern hospitality and graciousness, you'll have to excavate to find it. After almost two years, I hardly know any of my neighbors and have found that those who have stepped forward to befriend me were only users. Finally, getting contractors to do work on my house has been a nightmare. Nobody returns calls or will commit themselves. Though I've been researching smaller North Carolina towns where the winters are milder than here, I've not started packing yet until I'm absolutely certain that Asheville isn't for me.

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Asheville, NC

Asheville is incredibly overrated - 4/27/2015

I have lived here since 2004 and watched what was once a nice place go down the proverbial toilet. It has always been over priced and pretentious regarding the cultural offerings however now we have gangs, meth, rape, murder and home invasions along with unemployment and yet people continue to move here? Why? The cost of living is horrendous.

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Asheville, NC

Asheville definitely over-rated - 2/13/2015

I have lived here for six months now. At first I thought it was beautiful. All kinds of people here told me I would not have a problem at all with seasonal affective disorder or SAD. Well, there are more grey days and mornings here than I thought possible. The whole town looks pretty dumpy and depressing in this low light and you just feel boxed in if you are from places that you can see horizons and really large mountains and wide open areas. It also rains a lot. I knew this, thought I could handle it coming from Colorado, but I could not. It is often cold and rainy or temperate and rainy. Health care is hard to find, especially if you find you need a psychiatrist because you got so depressed. Pisgah Institute is the worst, but they will find room for you. An odd mix of people here mixed in with the locals who have been here much longer is surreal at times to me. Hippies that don't bathe, hipsters, local people in dirty clothes, bible-thumpers, new agers, crunchy vegan types, lesbians and gays, and senior citizens abound. I have nothing against any of these groups of people, but after a while I feel like that is mostly what there is here. It seems mostly this place is for a certain type and mold to fit into. Dating is probably a wash here from what I have heard and just noticed myself joining many meetup groups. There is a hidden element of desperate crime with home break-ins and muggings in places you think might be safe - especially in West Asheville. Just get on the Facebook WAX group and you realize some of the mentality/predicatments here and how it can get desperate and sketchy. Lots of drug addiction here (I think heroine) and quite the congested place as far as traffic goes (but still easy to get around.) I wish I had spent more time here or signed a shorter lease. As far as schools go, probably forget it from what I have heard....I would investigate seriously for the sake of your children. Also, this town doesn't even have a "college town" feel, which I was hoping it might. As someone else mentioned in another review, they feel like this place has been visited by Invasion of the Body Snatchers because many people just seem so withdrawn, non-vibrant, and vacant. At first I thought he was nuts, but then started to get the same vibe myself. Must be the grey gloom and rain around here. Another reviewer likened this place to being in a Twilight Zone and then another one, a Stephen King novel/movie from which there is no escape. I totally get that after six months here. And most everyone smokes here which is also just so backwards and depressing to me. They throw their cig butts out all over the place too. The good things are that it is easy to get around here, the people can be friendly, good farmer's markets, there are good restaurants, in spring, summer, and fall it is very pretty and lots of places to hike, but I find hiking too cold and muddy in the winter, though people still go. It is also easy to meet people if you join, but I would say dating would be hard here if you are 30'-40's. Sorry to come off as judgmental, but I am trying to warn people who come from more truly liberal and progressive places with more cultural and industry variety - maybe from out West - to think long and hard and visit for a while before you decide. Visit in the winter as well. The culture shock might be a bit much as well, as it has been for me. And definitely don't come unless you can bring your own job. Asheville does have some great things about it, but I see it as a place to come do some soul-searching, personal growth activities, slow down a little, and then leave when you are ready. I had heard that as well - that many people come here, do some soul-searching (as this area seems to promote that in a way) and then leave once they are done. If you are a retiree and can handle a lot of rain and grey for many months, this place would be perfect for you. Lots of active older people doing cool things. They actually inspire me. Sorry to beat on this place in a way, as I think it has a lot to recommend it otherwise, but living here is hard on some souls and I wish I had taken the reviews I read more seriously and I am trying to sum up what I read and what I experienced to be true. Certain places are very overrated and not for everyone is all I am trying to say. And then there are many people here who feel they have finally found home....

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Dania, FL

Living in the Asheville area - 9/27/2014

Hello all, Regular family with a nine yr old here looking to get away from the overcrowded and steamy S Fla. We've visited Asheville and really loved downtown, Biltmore, and the mountains; however, we don't know the area. We'd really appreciate any objective input from people in the know within a 20 mile radius. We highly value safe/healthy living, great schools, friendly people, and mountain views. Thanks for your time.

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Pompano Beach, FL

Relocation to Asheville? - 6/22/2014

We were thinking of relocating to the Asheville area (actually, to a town within 10-12 miles of Asheville as housing in the city is over our budget). Concerned about how people receive others coming from a different state. Ran into major problems when we relocated to a small town and were told our accents weren't 'southern charming' enough. Looking for some honest feedback. We are middle aged looking to buy a home and settle down. Need to be within a 20 minute commute for work, and looking for a town with good people who are willing to welcome us into the community. Looking for the best towns near Asheville for quality of life. Thanks for your comments.

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Asheville, NC

Supposedly a spiritual mecca.... - 2/5/2014

And people do seem to be very accepting. BUT for a spiritual mecca they sure don't like outsiders to actually move here and are very quick to judge using stereotypes.

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Asheville, NC

Why Asheville? - 12/27/2013

It's beautiful, the people are great, friendly, diverse. But...the economy is not so great. High cost of living with low median income, not a great combination.

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Portland, OR

Over-rated - 11/11/2013

I just spent some time in Asheville, and thought it was just "ok", but is one of the most over-rated cities I've been too. They really work hard to promote it as a progressive city. I guess since I was coming from the pacific northwest, it just doesn't compare to the beauty and forward-thinking of the west. I was hoping to love it, due to the climate and smaller size. So I'll continue my search (west of the rockies)!

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WNC Drivers - 4/29/2013

Asheville: Slowest moving "city" in America. Driving through Western NC on either I-40, I-26 or I-240 can be absolutely maddening. If you are a typical driver from elsewhere, this experience could cause your blood to boil. Never have a I seen more drivers - and these are LOCAL drivers with NC plates - dilly dally around in the passing lane. Do the majority of WNC's citizens not realize that the LEFT lane is for faster, passing traffic? And by the way, to the middle aged and older women in Subarus (never have a I seen so many of these things) who think it is their responsibility or right to block the left lane to "teach other drivers a lesson:" Move the hell over! If I get a speeding ticket, that's my responsibility, not yours.

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Asheville, NC

great city life - 2/20/2013

We moved to Asheville four years ago. Have lived in NY City, Philadelphia, St Louis, Rochester NY and Princeton, NJ - so can provide comparisons of culture and recreation with sophisticated areas. Asheville, for its size, has more to offer than the previously mentioned sites! Wonderful arts - including top-notch galleries, over 150 private studios in the River Arts District and in mountain retreats, fine symphony with members from all over the world, many good local bands (jazz, symphonic, etc.), many talented woodworkers,potters, musicians, etc. The arts are part of everyday life here. In addition, fantastic mountains, streams, lakes - fine fishing, hiking, biking, boating, golfing, birding, professional baseball, college sports. Good liberal arts colleges as well as strong community college system with over 20,000 students. Wonderful food - much of it grown or raised locally. The small, local breweries are something to behold - with a fine range of good beer, food and music. Friendly people. Minimal traffic (compared to what I was used to) and good roadways. Interesting architecture - particularly in Historic Montford and in mountain communities. Many writers and writing groups. Many music and arts festivals. Overall, a wonderful place to live. One downside, except for healthcare workers, there are currently few jobs available that pay well. This could change as high tech is starting to sprout more positions.

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Asheville, NC - 10/1/2012

Just was in Asheville as my husband has family there. Our encounters with people were in a nursing home and the Whole Foods. Hands down they both were friendlier than any organic store or medical facility where I live in Athens, GA. So you can't divide north and south. Every city is different. We have been looking at Franklin, TN and Atlanta to relocate to but now my husband loved Asheville so much this weekend he wants to move there now.

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