Austin,Texas To Bozeman = Disappointment (so far)

 Arthut Orone
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Star Rating 5/28/2011
PROS: Scenery,Snow,Dog friendly,Decent Beer,MSU,Airport,Wal-mart

CONS:: Racisism abounds!,Generally Rude pissed off vibe among people,you say good morning,they either look @ you wierd or ignore you totally, Lack of Cultural Diversity,Snooty,too many Subaru outbacks,rent is thru the roof(1 bed rm apt 850)know it alls,Miserable weather(sometimes)Drivers License office gave me the 3rd degree(birth certificate,Passport,SS card(geez, ol'lady?)

The Last best Place? LAST being the Operative word!

I lived in the 1st (& only) best place,and will return as soon as I take these Hicks' money, cause they're too afraid to see it, Ha ha!


SUMMARY: Anti-semitic! Whiteville,Yuppy Town,Backwoods,Anti-Progress City Politics,Hunter-Kill(stupid)attitude,unevolved. The old west is dead people,lets move on! Horses cost money,get a dirt bike.....Thanks (No wonder Kazinski was pissed,lol)

Montana is so Square......'cept for Idaho, Shoved up it ass!!



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Ha ha funny! I think you belong in austin dude.



Holly G.

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So sick of hearing "lack of cultural diversity." Read history, ignoramus. Primarily English and Scottish settled this state and because of it's geographic location and weather patterns, not many other folks find it inhabitably in very cold, long winters. I'd be happy to show you how to leave Montana and hope you do so, soon....jerk.



So big deal why is diversity good for diversity sake? It isn't only white people are dupes to that thinking. Bozeman is awesome on its own. Learn to appreciate it!



Scott M.

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I've been to Austin. I'm sure it fits your type quite well. Hope you were able to find your way home, punk.



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