Fargo is a "best place"

 jamie swanson
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Star Rating 7/8/2005
I have lived on my own in grand forks ND, fargo ND, duluth MN and minneopolis MN and now I am about to return to fargo, I am 21 and love big city life and alot of action and I never thought I would say fargo can give me more then mlps could.

I can make more in mlps but I lose alot of time driving and commuting but if fargo I can get out any night of the week with vary little hassle and there is plenty going on and as a dog owner I cant stand working a hour away from home(only a few miles)

I would recomend this hidden town to anybody, its definetly a town on the grow with 13 new people moving in everyday and big business always moving it it offers many jobs and good income rates compared to most citys and the cost of rentals and owning is spectacular.



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