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Meh its ok
I was born and raised in Fargo and I always tell people its a great place to be from. Its starting to get a lot of cool things going on downtown but it has a ways to go to compare with more open minded communities.



where the racist look normal because they are
all whites in every position everywhere, all white police, dangerous place never travel alone if your native



where the racist look normal because they are
all whites in every position everywhere, all white police, dangerous place never travel alone if your native



Verdict is inn- Thanks but no thanks
Thank you for 10 years of peaceful ,easy going lifestyle and a place where one could feel good to raise a family. However, The lack of terrain and variety of climate; have left a lot to be desired. There is not 4 seasons as one would lead you to believe. Spring for 1 day , maybe, Winter and more of the same, then Summer. If you do not live a active lifestyle that demands you to be outside your o.k. ;otherwise, their is a lot of time spent indoors and it can be a very long and depressing Season some years worse than others.
The health care offerings have gotten better over the years as far as acceptance of Insurance by providers.
Planet fitness is a inexpensive health club to workout at ;however, others in town are very expensive. Dental and veterinary services are still expensive. However their is a large pool of chiropractic servers to choose.
Happy Harry's is still a big hit around here, especially with there .1penny sales of booze. I don't foresee that changing soon with the MidWest mentality /Norm " get liquored up whenever we have a good excuse.
Although North Dakota has made great strides in the prevention/educational realm of teaching its citizens about the ill effects of the use of drinking and driving and have lost their ranking of #1 in the Nation for DUI incidents to Hawaii they still have a way to go. Maybe, the first lady will make a substantial difference. The use of drugs opioids is on the rise it has been called an epidemic. But the city in conjunction with the schools is working hard to keep it under wraps. Their are still lots of jobs to be had with minimal skills, but, this is a right to work state and the wages are low. Competition for jobs that require Bachelors is fierce more so in some fields than others. I.T. jobs your better off living somewhere else.



lame drivers
people tailgate here worse than anywhere I have lived except L.A.
They also don't know how to merge onto freeways.
the good news is traffic is fairly low. NOt nonexistent, but low.



Numbers are very misleading
Just because you have a large number of Black, Mexican and Asian Americans in Lincoln, Nebraska has nothing to do with racism or the welcoming of people who look different. Never equate a large number of people with a reduction in racism because you'll never win that argument and it only leaves people who think that way in a permanent state of delusion about how they and others really feel about those who don't have share their complexion. There are a lot of minorities in New York City-my home town but there are neighborhoods and other areas where whites still wouldn't sell their home to you if you had more money than Donald Trump. That's just the way it is and its that way in the mid-west. I've lived in Fargo, ND for years and In the state almost a decade. There's not a large number of blacks and other groups and yet, people here are just as, or more, standoffish and uncomfortable and flat out, openly racist as any town in Mississippi back in the 1950's. So Lincoln maybe a great place to live-if you're white. However, I can vouch for anyone who says making friends out here there is easy because like North Dakota is the same way. Everyone here has their little circles and there is nothing metropolitan about them. Unlike my fellow New Yorkers and Pennsylvanians on the east coast who enjoy the excitement of meeting new people all through life, residents here and the mid-west in general are easily threatened hide their dislike for anyone who doesn't have pink skin. In fact, I was told by co-workers here that North Dakota and western, MN is nick named the Mississippi of the north. And trust me, they've lived up to their reputation. The best and cushiest jobs are given to whites and there are companies-particularly cement companies, that make it a open practice not to hire any blacks-no matter how qualified they are. They hire one Mexican and considers their required quota filled for the EOE, which in itself, is a joke of an agency. The reason so much of this garbage exist is because unlike here, people in Nebraska and other places minimize and mask racism by simply saying that people in this town or that town are friendly but just don't prefer to deal with different races because they've lived there all their life, etc, etc. That in itself is a lie and a cop out. Those same people don't have a problem being uncomfortable, making new acquaintances with outsiders who have the same pink skin they do-so obviously it goes beyond just being polite but exclusive. Its ok for people to admit they don't like people from different races. Just stop lying about it and be u front with how you feel. That, we can respect more because at least we can respect because we know where you stand. Just don't patronize us with this politeness routine and excuse. The worse thing anyone can do in life is to be a phony about how their town is and how they feel about others living in it. And that's the one aspect I do respect about North Dakota. Generally speaking, you already know how they feel because they don't hide it that much or that well. They don't have a large minority population here-even at NDSU, and they plan to keep it that way. And that's easy to do when you block employment for minorities, who in the end, have no choice but to leave the state, which is exactly what I'm doing. What have I learned? That for years I always thought people from New York and other east coast cities were meaner than those out here. I learned that is a fantasy. We are much more real, nicer, less racist and friendlier than any of the people I've ran into out here in the mid-west. I plan to visit Lincoln one day and take in a Cornhusker game because I love the team. But I have no illusions about sticking around and making a life there. All the friends I have I made back east because it is simply easy to make friends there.



I <3 it!
I love it here in Fargo I am 13 and love playing in the snow with my little sister in the winter! In the Spring I love going for long walks with my dog in the freash air.I love going swimming and biking in the summer with my best friends. In the fall I love taking pictures of the orange leaves on the tree's! so to you people who think Fargo is a bad town with the weather and all! I VERY strongly disagree with you! (not that you care)



New Fargoan
Have only lived here little over a year and really enjoy it. Nicest people I've met anywhere. It's a diverse community with many opportunities to serve others in need. Many ways to serve homeless, new immigrants, the young...etc. Community spirit and involvement is very high. The way everyone pitched in to save the city during the flood was beyond words. Great place to raise kids, low crime, and I've heard the school standards are excellent. Many opportunities for sports, arts, theater...etc for kids to stay active. Great Libraries too! If you like the midwest and don't mind a longer (7 month) winter you'll love Fargo!



Great place to live, except in the winter
I really enjoy Fargo...most of the time. It's got a great balance of all four seasons; hot in the summer, cold in the winter. If you're into all types of activities, then it's a great place to be. However, I'm not into hunting/fishing/skiing/snowboarding, so cold weather and snow are not my bag. I've lived here my whole life and I'm used to it, but I've gotten more interested in running/outdoor sports, so I would prefer to live somewhere that I can do that year round. Fargo also lacks some nightly entertainment. The bar scene is big, if you're into that (three 4-year post-secondary schools in the area). Not a good representation of big concerts/theater. Fargo has many perks though: low cost of living, low crime rate, no heavy traffic. If you enjoy the winter, then it's a great place to be.



Fargo isn't so bad
I've lived in and around Fargo for about 15 years now. It is cheap and the economy is good right now even in the midst of the crisis. If you can get over the fact that it is smaller and that it is cold Fargo is a relatively nice place to live.



Great place to live if you enjoy daily seasonal c
Please keep in mind that this review maybe a little premature considering we have only lived here for nine months. The elementary educational system we have found to be excellent. But the cost of living we have not found to be substantially different from the Mountain West where we moved from. The money is just switched to different categories taxes, groceries, medical/dental coverage is higher. The taxes are four times higher on housing. The cost of fresh fruits/vegetables a 1/3 higher and limited. There are no fresh salad bars around here!. The community lives on red meat, potatoes and beer. There's a Happy Harry's liquor store on every corner. The cost to join a public fitness facility is twice as high and limited. If you are not into snowmobiling, hockey, football and living indoors this is not a good place to live in the winter. Blue cross/Blue shield is the (ONLY) choice we have and the premium is comparable with our old coverage,but, the deductible is very high. A good majority of the dental offices do not accept MetLife insurance ,so, you can expect to travel 45miles or more for the nearest dentist. If you are use to living a very healthy, active lifestyle biking, running and being outdoors a good majority of the year this is not a good place to be. But if your main purpose is to find a better educational system for your children its great! A overall better place to raise your children? the jury is still out on that one.



Fargo is a college town so the base wages are lower. Seven dollars to nine dollars per hour is an average starting wage. Jobs are plentiful. Fargo is becoming a "high tech" city. Industry has discovered that there is a plentiful work force. If you can deal with the 30 below tempetures in the winter it is a good place to live.



Nice Place to live, growing quickly, low crime. Great place to raise a family



Great place
Overall, Fargo is a very nice place, but the downtown and Island Park are my favorite parts of the city. For its size, Fargo's downtown has a lot to offer and there are more things opening all of the time. The newer sections of the city around West Acres are not very appealing, but as someone who loves old neighborhoods, I'm a bit biased. The newer sections are really not any worse or better than any other suburban area. The more established areas of the city are quite charming, quiet and very family oriented.



in addition to all the economic reasons that make Fargo a phenomenal place to live, there's been a recent revitalization of the downtown area which has included the addition of art galleries/museums, fine dining, a world class hotel, a fun night scene, and some greatshopping. (if only there was parking to keep up with the cars) i'm always blown away when i hear fargo residents say "there's nothing to do." i find so much to do in this community, i have a hard time choosing between the endless options. if you find a night in town when there's not a concert, a reading, a show, or some event happening here, i'd be surprised.


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