Santa Barbara Ca.

 Donna Bradley
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Star Rating 6/19/2006
Santa Barbara is really quite beautiful. It is located on the coast between Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo.

It is a very wealthy community mixed with a large mexican immigrant population that for the most part live harmoniously here. We are definitely getting too crowded which is ruining it for me. Real estate is sky high and holding although prices are softening, no one thinks we are ever going to tank here.



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steven l.

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santa barbara california is certainly a jewel amongst cities. it's beautiful sandy beaches look out to the channel islands in the distance, with 4,000 foot coastal mountains as it's backdrop. the city has strict ordinances about building, building design, advertising, signage. all of this is designed to keep the city looking as gorgeous as it does. downtown and residencial streets are treelined and landscaped, the streets are windy and picturesque. neighborhoods meander up into the foothills and residences of santa barbara take pride in their homes and gardens. downtown is charming and an easy stroll from beachfront hotels. santa barbara is expensive as is most coastal united states cities, but santa barbara's temperate climate adds to its liveability, as well as it's moderate population. it takes a total of 20 minutes to drive across town. how very civilized!! i love santa barbara, it is my home and my hometown.



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