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the truth about big bear

Star Rating 8/26/2010
Big bear is very beatiful and has great schools so far. my oldest is in the 2nd grade. and theres lots of outdoor things to do the main attraction are the lake and the slopes the down fall of this place are way more the the good things you are always fightin with the tourist you have to plan around them if you want to go to the store and not have to deal with rude "flat landers" winter wouldnt be as bad if you bdidnt have all the tourist up here on the roads for most of them rarley see snow let alone drive in it!!!so you re3ally have to watch your surroundings to make sure someone who doesnt know what the heck theyre doin doesnt smash into you. as for jobs unless you want to commute atleast 50 miles down the hill there are no jobs our big store is kmart. it takes you a month just to go through their interview process. evrything up here closes really early.the hospitaL up here sucks!!! everyone says if youy can get off the mountain youd better to go to the hoswpital the little bus system they have sucks also the buses stop runnin at 600pm so if you dont have a car and work past 600 your stuck takin a cab walkin or bumbin a ride. the housin here is very expensive and so is everything else i dont adise anyone to live in big bear unless your rich and dont mind the pesky tourists.



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the truth about big bear
Big bear is very beatiful and has great schools so far....
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