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 Diana White
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Star Rating 1/10/2008
Columbia is a planned community conceived in the 1960s. Most of the homes are "shed style" modern, with integrated townhouses, apartments, and business parks. SF homes are expensive ($500K) but the area is falling behind - the McMansionized countryside up in Clarksville is much more $$$ - you can get by here affordably (for the area) if you look around - commutes both to DC and Baltimore are not too bad. There is a system of trails all through the area. It is not a true city, but a compliation of "villages" with "village centers" complete with non-denominational spiritual centers. There are plenty of restaurants and lots of shopping in the area (strip malls, big central mall). Note that there are a few areas that are developing city problems. It is a good fit for someone who really likes the suburbs. If you are moving to central MD and want more cultural and visual variety or a more traditional town, check out Ellicott City, or some of the towns in Baltimore County, or try the Westminster area.



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