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I was born, raised and still live in Philadelphia. The crime and drugs are rampant. Real jobs are at a premium. Sure they are bunch of clothing store, fast foods, and other low paying jobs. Most of the decent paying jobs are in Center City or the Suburbs. Most good jobs require your to go to the King of Prussia area where you will be stuck in traffic all day. The murder rates are through the roof and never really go down. Certain neighborhoods the cops have pretty much forgotten about. The city keeps electing the same clowns for Mayor's and Council, thus no real change will ever happen if at all possible. The water quality is fine here dont listen to the one poster. The City has a good night life, clubs, bars and restaurants.Beautiful parks and scenery can be found here. One of the biggest park system is found here. Not all neighborhoods are bad. There are still a few good places to live. However, this also comes with some stipulation. First of all the houses basically 60+ year old row homes come at a premium. The houses here run 110 grand on up. Secondly the bad elements are constantly moving closer and closer to the few remaining good to decent neighborhoods left in the city. Rent in a decent neighborhood is usually $1000+ for a 1 bedroom. Although if you look enough you can probably find something around $800. Also you can buy a house in what is consider a decent neighborhood today and seemingly overnight it can go to a bad neighborhood. One such neighborhood in this transition is the Tacony section of the city. The houses here still run about a 100 grand. However, many sections of this neighborhood have or will become drug infested. Also Philadelphia isnt the cleanest city in the country. Trash is everywhere more so than you average large city.



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I couldn't help but notice that the housing running $110k and up was a problem. Where I live, housing tends to run $400k and up for decent quality housing, and that's well away from the city. It's unfortunate that that kind of price on a house is being shown as a negative on Philadelphia.



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