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Philadelphia is garbage - 9/25/2019
Lived in this crime-ridden, overcrowded, trashy, corrupted city for most of my life. First of all, when driving in Philadelphia—you will immediately know because of all of the pieces of trash on the ground either by passerby’s or idiot neighbors that are too trifling to throw out their garbage. Secondly, the neighborhoods are crime infested with asshole neighbors that will attempt to flatten all of your tires over a parking space (where they don’t live) that they was was trying to hold for a week and the useless asshole cops are no help whatsoever and never are unless their getting kickbacks from the drug smugglers they know or it’s another crooked cop friend of theirs. Thirdly, Roosevelt blvd is the worst place for driving, not only do you have fools in cars that can’t drive, but you also have Septa bus drivers that hit your car, don’t wanna take responsibility for their careless driving and you and your insurance have to pay for all repairs by yourself. Lastly, the clowns in city Read More

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City of Brotherly Love my ass! - 4/8/2019
I spent the worst two years of my adult life here by far. It has a very antagonist flair where the people don’t need to have a reason to harass you or by nasty. I literally worked at six different places in that two year period.....every employer nit-picked over EVERY little thing. I began to have a nervous breakdown shortly before I decided to leave.

At my apartment complex, I was told by management that I was making obscene noises while I was running on the treadmill. WTF!

It have a heavy blue-collar edge to it unlike DC and NY. Maybe the people are so angry because they live in such a crappy city.

Despite its size, I also found it clannish. It was hard to blend Read More

Philly has always been my home. - 2/22/2019
I grew up in Philadelphia and continue to reside here. I have lived in several different areas of the city over the years, and have watched neighborhoods change. Philadelphia used to be the fourth largest city for many years, just after New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago.. then Philly. Now Houston and Phoenix just beat us in population because they keep moving their city borders out further and further and counting that as city, where Philly has had the same geographical borders since 1854. Well if we expanded our city limits to our suburbs, we'd have an extra 8 million people. Just saying'. I don't consider those last two cities real cities anyway because if you live in a single family home and drive to work and don't have a subway system, your "city" is actually a suburb. Just saying' again. I've watched gentrification take over neighborhoods such as Fishtown and south Philly because Center City became so expensive. I remember when rent in Old City was dirt cheap. And I lived in a Read More

Spend your paycheck commuting - 11/1/2018
I find myself only able to get jobs 30+ min away from the city that only pay $15 or less. That's a max of 1,200 biweekly, after paying Philadelphias taxes and whatever county you find yourself working in's taxes, that comes down to about 800 every two weeks. Subtract around 50$ every two weeks for the commute to work and you are left with $750 every two weeks for all of your needs. One paycheck will probably pay your rent and thats it. Lots of contract jobs that pay you less than the job is actually Read More

Everyone I know is moving far away - 8/1/2018
I was born and raised in Philly. It's a who you know kind of city. Housing are collapsing, including my own home (we had to be evacuated by the fire department). They were built poorly. Jobs are here but it's who you know that gets you in the jobs. Rent is getting super high. The best thing is there are stores everywhere. Cime is crazy. My family had been victims of violent crimes multiple times. A lot of us is trying to move out. Unless you have money and can go somewhere really nice, don't move here. You will regret Read More

Parking - 7/28/2018
Evidently the parking garages maybe not all of them but at least the one we used in Philly has a scheme to rip the people off. We paid for parking ahead of time and had our voucher verified by the attendant and they told us to just put it in the machine when we exited that's all they told us. When we finally got the kids up through the parking garage and out of the strollers and into the car seats after having change the diapers and drove down and put our card in the slot it wanted additional $5 because we're taking more than 15 minutes to get out of the parking garage. This is clearly I just a scam to get more money out of the park. Be very careful they're trying to rip you Read More

Philly - 5/26/2018
Philly is just the best hands Read More

Perfect Four Season Big City if you don't mind.... - 4/1/2018
Urban decay, congestion, high density, crime, and one mess of a highway-road system. The best feature of this big city is the proximity to the Jersey shore which is beautiful from mid summer to fall. It is also in some ways America's hidden big city (fifth largest actually), with NY and DC getting all the spotlight, but you can enjoy the best of those big places by a train ride away. If you get a job with a big income, don't have kids, and like old fixed up east coast row houses, there are some very nice places Downtown, just remember cars are not welcome in this place, as it was built and designed way before the car era. It is also a city where the class distinctions in America are very evident in a sad way.  Read More

Expensive! - 12/17/2017
The cost of living numbers on here are deceiving. Philly itself is such a large city that the cheap, crime-ridden neighborhoods outweigh the safe, expensive neighborhoods, which is why $800 for a 1-bedroom gets published. Sure, you can find a 1 bedroom for that price but in a very unsafe neighborhood! To live in the safest neighborhood - Center City - you will pay $1200 (without a washing machine) to about $1800 a month. This is in a row home with zero amenities. Also no parking if you have a car. Then there are groceries. I'm in Center City, and groceries are damn expensive ($6.99/pound for chicken breasts) unless you drive into another part of the city to shop at Aldi. Oh, and if you have kids, prepare to spend $2000/month on full-time child care (for 1 kid!). Philly has some great stuff too, just don't rely on websites like these to make your decision. Actually take a look at housing on websites like Trulia, etc. so you get the whole Read More

Crime review in Philadelphia areas 19134, 19146, 1 - 2/17/2016
I would like to know how these 3 areas are when it comes to crime rates. Looking for purchase a home and wasn't exactly sure of how these 3 areas rate.

Thank you. Read More

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431719 E Howell St
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