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Philadelphia is a bustling city full of history, culture, and activities that make it an attractive destination for locals and tourists alike. The city is known for its historic sites, museums, parks, restaurants, and nightlife. It also has an excellent public transportation system that makes navigating the city easy and accessible. With its vibrant restaurant scene, world-class shopping districts, and an array of cultural attractions and events, Philadelphia has something for everyone. Reviews of the city are generally very positive; residents enjoy the diversity of culture and entertainment options as well as the sense of community they experience here. Visitors are often impressed by the wide range of attractions available in Philadelphia and find that it's easier to get around than they expected. No matter what you're looking for – food, art, entertainment – Philadelphia is sure to have something to offer!

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Let’s not like about killadelphia, PA - 8/28/2021
Now the only reason some people disagree is because MONEY. If you live in “manayunk” (which I lived for 2 years) you can’t compare … you can’t compare your out skirt suburbs your 3k apartments. THE REAL PHILLY south, central, west, north. Ive lived in Philly for 20 years and in tons of places chasing this DREAM of a safe living. But you will not find it here unless you reside to a beautiful house at the end of a ****ty day. The people suck the weather sucks. Drugs everywhere, fiends everywhere, shootings, serial rapist, murders left and right you can get shot from a 14 year old kid or a 50 year old man! This place is complete garbage and telling people to move is a no go. Just because the cost of living with cities fun is cheaper than other states so be a scheme and set people up to die. Terrible drivers, rude ignorant people, they curse at you first before saying hello. And I’m speaking from a view from growing up in the poorest spots to living in manayunk, queen village, society Read More

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avoid phila pa - 4/9/2021
do not go. do not travel to. Will charge you fees, anything - to pay for the mess that they made. Life long resident, born here as well. I'm Very sorry to say. Go elsewhere. someplace cleaner, more Read More

Hidden Gem - 4/2/2021
I'm actually grateful for the bad reviews because I purchased an amazing home here 3 years ago and couldn't be happier! I feel like if everyone was giving it 5 stars the real estate would be a lot higher lol I was looking for a city with the features I loved in San Francisco without the high price tag. The museums, parks, quality of life, community, walkability, and four seasons are what make this home for me. Downsides, there are these in every place regardless, but my top three would be lack of parking in some areas, traffic, and commutes. If you can't tell, I hate driving. If that's you, I would recommend you find a neighborhood you love and access to public transportation (if you need to get to work, school, etc). I bought my home in Manayunk in a place walking distance to SEPTA which saves me a lot of grief. This neighborhood just felt right when I visited. Store workers and café were friendly and people smiled in passing while I walked around. It felt like people were happy to Read More

Stay away. - 3/6/2021
City of Brotherly Love? Not at all. There's a "Me First" "They can wait" attitude. You see it in the way they drive, you see it in passing walking down the street. There is so much gun violence and it's getting younger and younger. It's common to hear about a 15 getting shot or a woman. These shootings are happening in broad daylight, in public places where cops are supposed to be patrolling. There is no fear of consequences, no respect or value of another's life. It seems like everyday you hear about gun violence. A 15 year girl just got killed, 7 people were shot close to a University, they just shot 2 people at a cemetery in the county as a retaliation from a Philly shooting a few days prior and a month before that the priest said there was a shooting in front of his church...No one cares here. It's all about self. Of course you'll find some people who aren't like that but overall the vibe is crappy and depressing. Between gentrification, pothole streets, constant Read More

City of brotherly hate - 1/26/2021
If I could give negative stars, Philly would get a -2. Anyone who says that Philly "is a beautiful city full of history land wonderful neighborhoods" either hasn't lived there very long, is delusional or has a vested interest in lying (probably a local politician). I grew up in Philly and joined the army one day after graduating from high school in order to get out. This is a city with a history of corrupt politicians, fascist police and polarized citizens. What other city on earth can claim that it's police force dropped C-4 explosives on it's citizens in an African-American neighborhood, then shot at those who attempted to escape the ensuing fire? What other city in the USA can brag that it's African-American infant mortality rate is higher than Jamaica's? What other city can brag about it's African-American citizens on average have a lower life expectancy than the citizens of Cuba? Yep, nothing like the city of brotherly Read More

Beautiful Philly?? - 7/29/2020
I lived in Philadelphia my whole life and wouldn’t live anywhere else! Beautiful city! The current mayor is no good! But that will change in good Read More

Philly, a haiku - 2/2/2020
Needles everywhere
Gross, rude, and disrespectful
The schools are the Read More

Philadelphia is garbage - 9/25/2019
Lived in this crime-ridden, overcrowded, trashy, corrupted city for most of my life. First of all, when driving in Philadelphia—you will immediately know because of all of the pieces of trash on the ground either by passerby’s or idiot neighbors that are too trifling to throw out their garbage. Secondly, the neighborhoods are crime infested with asshole neighbors that will attempt to flatten all of your tires over a parking space (where they don’t live) that they was was trying to hold for a week and the useless asshole cops are no help whatsoever and never are unless their getting kickbacks from the drug smugglers they know or it’s another crooked cop friend of theirs. Thirdly, Roosevelt blvd is the worst place for driving, not only do you have fools in cars that can’t drive, but you also have Septa bus drivers that hit your car, don’t wanna take responsibility for their careless driving and you and your insurance have to pay for all repairs by yourself. Lastly, the clowns in city Read More

City of Brotherly Love my ass! - 4/8/2019
I spent the worst two years of my adult life here by far. It has a very antagonist flair where the people don’t need to have a reason to harass you or by nasty. I literally worked at six different places in that two year period.....every employer nit-picked over EVERY little thing. I began to have a nervous breakdown shortly before I decided to leave.

At my apartment complex, I was told by management that I was making obscene noises while I was running on the treadmill. WTF!

It have a heavy blue-collar edge to it unlike DC and NY. Maybe the people are so angry because they live in such a crappy city.

Despite its size, I also found it clannish. It was hard to blend Read More

Philly has always been my home. - 2/22/2019
I grew up in Philadelphia and continue to reside here. I have lived in several different areas of the city over the years, and have watched neighborhoods change. Philadelphia used to be the fourth largest city for many years, just after New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago.. then Philly. Now Houston and Phoenix just beat us in population because they keep moving their city borders out further and further and counting that as city, where Philly has had the same geographical borders since 1854. Well if we expanded our city limits to our suburbs, we'd have an extra 8 million people. Just saying'. I don't consider those last two cities real cities anyway because if you live in a single family home and drive to work and don't have a subway system, your "city" is actually a suburb. Just saying' again. I've watched gentrification take over neighborhoods such as Fishtown and south Philly because Center City became so expensive. I remember when rent in Old City was dirt cheap. And I lived in a Read More

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