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"Moldy city"

Moldy city - 6/26/2007
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Over the last few years, the airborne mold count (something that, unfortunately, is not talked about nearly as much as pollen) has been way too high, making me miserable much of the time, thanks to my allergies. (I've dealt with pollen allergies, and I have to say, in my experience mold allergies have been more unpleasant.) But I've also come to realize that I hate the humidity here. That's only become clearer after taking a brief trip to the Southwest. It's only June, and yet the air is already sticky and unpleasant. When you add in the air pollution, it makes for very unpleasant breathing.

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Riverton, NJ

Crime review in Philadelphia areas 19134, 19146, 1 - 2/17/2016

I would like to know how these 3 areas are when it comes to crime rates. Looking for purchase a home and wasn't exactly sure of how these 3 areas rate. Thank you.

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Philadelphia, PA

Looking to move from Philadelphia, Pa - 2/18/2015

I only signed up here to find out about other cities and places I may want to move to. Been in Philly all my life and have had enough. Enough said!!

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Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia - 11/14/2014

Lived in Philadelphia for 20 plus years. The cost of living is rising yearly. There are many restaurants and cultural events nearby and easy to take public transportation to many places. The climate is cold winter's and beautiful fall and spring seasons. The summers can be hot and humid. There are numerous parks to visit. Personally Love Valley Green, a place I visit to get away from the fast pace of the downtown area. Philly is diversified with many people from different cultures and backgrounds. The crime rate in some areas are higher than other areas. Traving during peak ours ca. Be challenging because of traffic. Public schools need improvement.

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Brandon, FL

Relocating - 8/21/2014

Need info on best areas to live in philly for family life.

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Raleigh, NC

I MISS PHILLY :-( - 6/3/2014

I am from Raleigh, NC and still live here but we had relatives in South Philly and we used to visit every summer when I was a child and all my favorite child hood memories took place right there. The row houses on McClellan St., the neighborhood grocery store, the bakery, playing stick ball with the kids, the ice cream man, the hoagies, the smells of the good Italian cooking from the neighbors. I MISS IT SO MUCH AND WANT TO LIVE THERE SO BADLY!!!

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Centreville, VA

Transplanted - 5/16/2014

I am a TEXAS native and I moved from Dallas, TX to Philadelphia, PA in 1995. My children were 18 and 15 and fought me tooth and nail, but, I wanted out of TEXAS and I loved the Northeast, and so when I visited Philadelphia several times over a period of a year, I knew that this would be our home. Philadelphia is like any other big city, it has it's good and bad, but for me the good out weighed the bad and so Philly here we come. Coming from Texas to the Northeast was like moving into a whole new culture, and it took about a year or a little more to acclimate to the people, the area, the weather, the Eagles over the Cowboys :), but we all did it. Both of my children went on to get their degrees from Temple and Penn State. My son has since moved to Pittsburgh, PA, but at least he is still in PA. I digress, sorry, sure there are areas where it is not that safe to be, and for about 2 years, Philly had the nickname "Killadlephia", because of all the murders going on the the Northwest and the Kenningston areas, but, this was all drug related. Philly is an amazing city, and you will find everything in Philly that you would find in NYC. The people of Philly have heart, and they wear it on their sleeves along with their opinions. The history is also amazing, this is the city where we all began, where we became a country, and you will find it all in "Old Town"...In all the years I lived in the Philadelphia area, I never once was frightened to be in the city alone. If I needed help, I could ask, and was never once told No, or felt I was at risk in anyway. About 7 years ago, my husband, that btw, I met in Philly, had an opportunity for work in the D.C. area, so we moved to Northern VA. We are now planning on moving back home to Philly because the area where we live, that is also full of history, will never be our home. The city of Philadelphia lost its way for awhile, but it's coming back strong, the economy is coming back, the cost of living is great, the people, they do not change, and the city, well, it is clearly my pride, my joy and it is home. I can hardly wait to return, because I really am very homesick for my Philly.

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Philadelphia, PA

Philly - 12/12/2012

It pretty much has everything a large city has to offer...

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San Antonio, TX

Moving to the east coast - 10/2/2012

I am moving to the east coast from the south to start a new chapter in life with my boyfriend and my new job..I read alot of negative reviews and i feel that everywhere there is crime and ect. I am moving from a smaller city and don't get me wrong i am a little nervous but, when people plan on moving people need to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally.I am moving from a city where the city moves a little slower to a fast pace city but, again i am preparing myself.I hate to hear people talking negative about other cities because these cities are homes to families and no one wants to here people talking about the city the were raised in and grew up in.I love the city i grew up in and even if i am moving it would bother me if i would hear someone talking about the city i grew up in.I can't wait to see the history of Phillidelphia and i can't wait to start a new chapter in my life in a new city and with the person that i love.This well, be the first big city i live in and visit.I have never experience the L train or even a subway so, i look foward to the change and we need to give every city a chance. We can't judge one bad apple from the bunch.

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Biloxi, MS


I was born and raised in Philadelphia 1948 to 1966. Graduated from Father Judge High School and went into the Army for 20 years. Retired and returned to Philadelphia in 1986. I was shocked to find that every living family member had moved away from Philadelphia. I'am talking over 72 people moved out of the city and most moved out of the State. I had to find out for myself, why my City was not the place I grew up in. Well, it did not take long to figure out how bad Philadelphia had become. I moved to Northeast Philadelphia, wanted to take my kids into the City to show off the great cultural locations near downtown. I took public transportation as I did when I was growing up in the City. That was a mistake. It was filthy and on the elevated train "The L" we were robbed at gun point. After arriving in downtown a guy tried to pick my pocket at Independence Hall. I could not sent my kids to public school because they were tormented everyday because they were white. Move the kids to Catholic School and not much better. I had to leave Philadelphia. It truly is the worst City in America. Before you decide to move to Philadelphia, look up the US Census reports for 1990, 2000 and 2010. you will see why no one wants to live there. "White flight".

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Brooklyn, NY

Hello, folks - THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER (if you - 4/24/2012

I've sat for the last hour and read the reviews of Philadelphia. There are many things that are true that have been written and then there are alot of things that are actually incredibly exaggerated or just one person's experience (although, isn't that what all of these "reviews" are?). One thing that I'm noticing with some of the comments is that some of the people who hate the city seem to have lived there their whole life. Guess what, I hated Philly too after I lived there my whole life. I moved away to "awesome" NYC for 13 years. Now, I've moved back to Philly. There's a time in your life where you realize the grass is greener and sometimes, home is where the heart is. Of course, this is subjective b/c I have family and roots in Philly/Philly 'burbs so I'm not looking to find a way to build those roots up. I signed up for this site just so I could give people another perspective in case they are considering moving to Philly/philly area (remember that many who say they are from philly live right outside the city - philly has alot of great areas that are very close to the city limits). I almost died laughing when I read that one guy (Louis?) write about how homes in philly will cost $110,000+. Ok, so here's where I am different. I really believe if you are middle/lower middle class or poor, Philly is probably not the best place to live. But give me a city on the east coast where living within those financial means results in living in a wonderful area of the city? Do you know that my husband and I collectively made almost $200,000 a year and are considered MIDDLE class in new york city? all those people giving the stupid advice to not move to Philly but to move to NYC are smoking something. There is no way in Philadelphia I would be considered in the Middle to lower-middle class making that money - I'm able to make choices as a member of the upper middle class/upper class. The options (housing, recreation, quality of life) for people who make over $80,000 a year in the Philadelphia area are quite higher than the options for those in NYC. I am not really talking about the single, newly college grad whose parents are paying for their "soho apartment" in NYC. I'm talking about the NYC resident that works their ar$e off every day to make ends meet, whether they make $40,000 a year or $150,000 a year. Your options are not great in NYC for living in a decent place unless you make some SERIOUS adjustments to what you want. You will STILL end up in an area almost similar to what some of these Philly reviewers are talking about if you want a decent apartment/home to live in. Unless, of course, you want to raise your kids in a 1 bedroom shoebox in a 6th floor walkup - then you may be able find something within your price range in an area of the city that is totally safe and desirable with decent transportation options and possible green space close by (don't be fooled - NYC is not filled with green space - Central and Prospect Parks are only 2 parks). Bottom line is, Philadelphia is what you make of it and I do believe, like many other cities, income and education level MAY dictate some of the quality of life you can find in Philly. I'm so glad many reviewers here are balanced in their opinions - there is so much to celebrate in Philadelphia if people take advantage of those amazing things. The city gets a RIDICULOUSLY bad rap. I really struggle to understand it. Philly is actually one of the few cities left with actual neighborhoods. Try finding real NEIGHBORHOODS in manhattan or even alot of brooklyn at this point. They are disappearing. one reason is b/c NYC is made up of transplants now b/c the locals haven't been able to keep up with cost of living and are forced to leave (unless you are a lucky one to have bought pre-80's or you are in a prized rent-controlled apartment or you live in the crime-ridden areas). This is true. The majority of people that live here in the "nicer" areas now are transplants from other places that come b/c they CAN AFFORD it or their families are helping out. People in Philly don't leave. Some don't leave b/c they love it, others don't leave b/c they just want to complain and are too scared to go somewhere else. I agree that many Philadelphians can act very ignorant and uncultured. Many of my aunts and uncles are like this. I do love them and understand them b/c they are family and are mostly like this b/c they are undereducated and understimulated. They don't take advantage of what Philadelphia has to offer. But for every ignorant person, there is a cultured person. There are so many people with masters degrees in and around the philly area. the place is packed w/ more colleges and universities than any other city (besides boston). greenspace, museums, history - CULTURE CULTURE CULTURE! Oh and the restaurant scene! Since moving back to the area I can afford to not only purchase property, I can also afford a babysitter so my husband and I can sometimes go for a drink or (shocker!) check out one of the new, amazing restaurants in and around the philly area. We can also afford groceries and we can afford a gym membership and don't have to make stupid choices that we had to make when we lived in NYC (I had to cancel my YMCA membership b/c even THAT was too expensive per month in NYC - also had to cancel a music class for my kid b/c they charged $40 each 45 minute class and I couldn't justify it - I didn't care that celebrities kids did the class!). I'm sorry for my rant and maybe others do not understand where I am coming from but I think it's important to know that if you make a decent living in the Philly/burbs area, you can have a quality of life that you just can't have in many other East Coast cities. I don't know if I would choose to raise my kids inside central Philly unless I could afford to live right in Center City/Rittenhouse. I think people forget that there are some excellent places to live on the fringe of Philly (parts of Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill) as well as an incredibly vast amount of suburbs to choose from. Most of the burbs are well connected via SEPTA to the city. If you make a good living, you can purchase a very nice house for well UNDER $400,000. Where can you get a 4 bedroom home with outdoor space in NYC or even in the burbs of NYC for that cost. YOU CAN'T. I had a friend that moved 2 hours outside of the city (commuting into midtown EVERY DAY) so she could afford a home for her family. I could go on and on. Just remember, with every city there is good and bad. It may seem like Philly is crime and drug-ridden and that no other city is as bad but it's just not true. So many cities are spread out in a different way (Philly isn't very big and it seems like it's everywhere), have dissolved neighborhoods in order to cater to the young and rich (about 80% of the once middle-class neighborhoods of NYC do NOT exist anymore - and even the neighborhoods in PHilly that are attempting to do the same can't fully b/c 6 blocks up the street is a drug-ridden area that bleeds into the hipster area) and haven't had mayors that completely TAKE OVER to create a weird "Starbucks Tourist Utopia" (yeah, I'm talking about YOU Manhattan!) by banning everything in the world that people can do, forgetting about the little people by ensuring business rents can be SO high that not even a small chain has a chance and making sure you know you are middle class if you make $150,000 a year (NYS gave a bit of a tax cut to middle class new yorkers making under $150,000 a year... yes, sad but true). Don't even get me started about getting to a decent beach in the nasty NYC summers. hamptons? give me a break! coney island or rockaway beaches? NO THANK YOU! Getting out of the city on a Friday night to even get to the Jersey Shore - 3 or 4 hours later you may be there. Maybe Philly isn't for everyone but based on my needs (financial security, greenspace, affordability, good restaurants, easy access to other places and cities and CULTURE) well, Philly/burbs is right for my needs at this point in my life. I hope you give our city and the surrounding area a chance. You may find a few things you like. And honestly, if you hate Philly so much and live here now, do what every other person who couldn't afford NYC anymore did - move down south! You can leave, remember that. Ok, I'm done! Thanks for reading (if anyone is even doing that).

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Philadelphia, PA

Moved to Philly from San Francisco - 3/4/2012

I moved to Philly from San Francisco in April 2011, and so far, I actually love it here. It does feel fairly small and confined, as there are large neighborhoods that are best avoided. But it's size has also been one of its strengths, as I felt quite at home with the city in my first month of moving here. I feel like Philly gets a worse wrap than it deserves - even from the locals. For the most part, I've found it to be a very safe city and incredibly walkable. I live in Center City, and I walk everywhere - Olde City, West Philly, South Philly. I also take the public transportion to neighborhoods that aren't quite as walkable from where I live, like Northern Liberties, Fishtown, and Port Richmond (which has great Polish fare). And while the transportion is nothing compared to other cities like NYC and DC, it's more than adequate. The quality of life is also a huge plus. I frequently NYC about once a month, where I'll stay with friends in Brooklyn or the Upper West Side. Prices are always double in NYC, and you're not getting anything better. I'm always relieved to come back to Philly and do my Sunday grocery shopping at the Italian Market or Reading Terminal, where produce is cheap enough to experiment. Certainly, Philly has a number of problems and I by no means want to downplay the crime, which is quite serious in some neighborhoods. But if you stay in the right neighborhoods and just remain alert, this is a great city to explore.

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Philadelphia, PA

The Good and Bad - 2/22/2012

I'll try to give you the good and the bad of it while first disclosing that I am on this website for a reason. To find a new place to live. I have lived in four countries, all over the East Coast and have traveled the entire US by car from one end to the other and back...But have planted my roots in Philly for nearly twenty years. It took me a while but I grew to love it for the arts, culture, nightlife, recreation, restaurants, proximity to NYC, AC, beaches (none of the beaches are worth the drive though) and surprisingly, the city is incredibly family friendly. We have the biggest municipal city park system in the US (Fairmount Park), miles and miles of jogging/cycling trails, a great zoo, Japanese Garden, Arboretums, Museums, and did I mention the history? There was a major Revolutionary War battle about two blocks from my house! (The Battle of Germantown) How cool is that? And If you like music, whoever your favorite band is...they will be coming to Philly at some point. Into running? How about a yearly Marathon/half Marathon and the largest 10 miler in the country (Broad Street Run) In short, Philadelphia has a great deal to offer. If only the people here could appreciate it. Which brings me to the bad. And it gets really..really...bad. The crime and drugs and violence are off the charts. I can fill a grocery bag with the amount of trash and weed baggies I have to pick out of my front lawn and sidewalk on trash day, NOBODY says hello to you on the street (unless a mean look is "hello") and the homicide rate is not only a national disgrace, it's also terrifying for a parent like myself. I do not live in the burbs. I live in a neighborhood that has seen three murders (on my street alone) since I moved in seven years ago. I've seen guys with guns drawn, pointed at each other in a standoff directly in front of my house. It's bad. If you can't get your kids into a decent Charter School, you better be prepared for home schooling. I could go on and on. It's an amazing city, it has so much to offer and so much potential, well beyond it's incredible history! I have seen most of the major cities of this country and most don't even compare to Philadelphia. It's just a shame it's being run down with drugs and violence. Needless to say, I want out. In short, if you are on the East Coast and you want to live in the city (and have the cash flow) Go to NYC!

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Philadelphia, PA

City Of Brotherly Love! - 2/16/2012

I have lived in Philadelpia for 15 years. It is a great city very diverse and it has so much to offer in and around the city for everyone of all ages. The art's, museams,feastivals,theathers,sports arena's great park's and some of the best historial areas any town or city could offer. Philadelpia is also conveniencely located to all beaches,amusement parks and casino's in Atlantic City,NJ. It public transportation very large (SEPTA. If you love a big beautiful lovely city with LOT"S to offer Philadelpia is the place to come and stay.

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Philadelphia, PA

Philly not the place to be unless you live in a fe - 2/8/2012

I was born, raised and still live in Philadelphia. The crime and drugs are rampant. Real jobs are at a premium. Sure they are bunch of clothing store, fast foods, and other low paying jobs. Most of the decent paying jobs are in Center City or the Suburbs. Most good jobs require your to go to the King of Prussia area where you will be stuck in traffic all day. The murder rates are through the roof and never really go down. Certain neighborhoods the cops have pretty much forgotten about. The city keeps electing the same clowns for Mayor's and Council, thus no real change will ever happen if at all possible. The water quality is fine here dont listen to the one poster. The City has a good night life, clubs, bars and restaurants.Beautiful parks and scenery can be found here. One of the biggest park system is found here. Not all neighborhoods are bad. There are still a few good places to live. However, this also comes with some stipulation. First of all the houses basically 60+ year old row homes come at a premium. The houses here run 110 grand on up. Secondly the bad elements are constantly moving closer and closer to the few remaining good to decent neighborhoods left in the city. Rent in a decent neighborhood is usually $1000+ for a 1 bedroom. Although if you look enough you can probably find something around $800. Also you can buy a house in what is consider a decent neighborhood today and seemingly overnight it can go to a bad neighborhood. One such neighborhood in this transition is the Tacony section of the city. The houses here still run about a 100 grand. However, many sections of this neighborhood have or will become drug infested. Also Philadelphia isnt the cleanest city in the country. Trash is everywhere more so than you average large city.

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Philadelphia, PA

It's Ok! - 12/14/2011

I don't have much to say about's a city! And like most cities in America, Philadelphia has good and bad effects on all people.

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West Chester, PA

STAY AWAY, FAR, FAR, AWAY!!! - 9/28/2011

Trust me, this place is so polluted and smells so bad you might get cancer just from visiting!!!!! The water and air is SICKENING! Stay away from this dump! Too much crime! Everything is overpriced and people that "like" it here are really lying to themselves and other people. No living creature could like this place.

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Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is a TERRIBLE place to live. - 8/25/2011

I have been in Philadelphia, PA for my entire life. I was born here, went to college here, married and had a family here. If you are in search of a clean, peaceful, safe, friendly environment, this is NOT the place to be. You have been warned.

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Philadelphia, PA

Philly - 8/3/2011

Philly steadily improving. Great bars and restaurants and tight communities. Crime still a problem so be selective where you live

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Cee Denise
Philadelphia, PA

Could Agree With You More - Philly is Not a Good P - 6/19/2011

This comment is in response to the person who wrote in July 2010 (I believe)that Philadelphia is not a great place to move/relocate. I am a 45 year old African-American woman, born and bred in the heart of Philadlephia. Philly seemed like a great place grow up, attend some to the best colleges (Temple Univ. grad), find a decent job and raise a family. Instead all of the big companies have exited the city, including Budd, TastyKake, Botany 500 and others. The jobs are scarce and if you want to raise your family in a nice neighborhood, be prepared to pay nearly $150,000 - $225,000 for a row home or twin home...not even a single/detached home. The crime is so through the roof that I don't watch the local news because it's too depressing. I watch CNN, MSNBC and HLN instead. Police officers are gunned down everytime you turn around. The sections of the city like West Philly, South Philly, North Philly, Mount Airy and other sections are so segregated...not so much by race but the fact that South Philly people don't venture into West Philly and North Philly don't mess with South Philly and people in Mount Airy are "too good" and don't mess with people in any of the other sections of Philly. Just giving you an idea of the mentality. No one trusts anyone and the people are rude to the 10th power. I dread going to the Pathmark Supermarket or the local CVS Pharmacy because the shoppers/patrons and workers are so uncoof and unprofessional. People grit on you...look you up and down. If you smile or speak to someone you don't know be prepared to be looked at like you're crazy. Everyone cuts you off while you are driving and like the guy said in the earlier post, if you intend on commenting or getting involved like when someone is throwing trash out the window, etc., be prepared for a fight. It's not worth losing your life because Philly folks are on the edge, disrespectful and non-caring. I have live in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn for a three year stint early in my professional career and never encountered the problems and total disrespect that exist in Philadelphia. Nobody has your back and that's really sad. I can't wait to move away from Philly!!! Don't get me wrong there are bad people everywhere and there are certainly good people in Philadelphia. As for neighborhoods, I love West Mt. Airy, Abington, Horsham, Wynnefield Heights (where I currently reside), Bala Cynwyd, King of Prussia...most of these are suburban surrounding areas. The teenagers are tearing apart downtown Philly/Center City with the flash mobs, smash and grab acts of violence. So if you are planning to relocate here, please think again. The glossy brochures glamorize downtown...the Liberty Bell...Besty Ross House...Rocky Steps...we'll you get what I'm saying but please investigate the real deal about Philth a del phia...City of Brotherly Hate and Sisterly Non-Affection.

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Gramercy, NY

This place is horrible.. - 5/17/2011

Read Colin post. Basically this is my post deja-vu style. The people are HORRIBLE and flaky. I moved there cuz I thought hey I could use a break from the awesomenes of NY and still save money. WRONG! Everyone smokes PCP out there, so they're crazy. Hey ride by the conders, you'll hear a menu of drugs and you wonder, what happened to the cops? Did they abandon this place to leave these undesirables to their own devices. in a nutshell, you have small center city which is decent for a city. but it's small. the surrounding area is basically slums, lower -middle class..and surrounding that are rednecks and deer and trash. this whole state is drug-infested and the crime is through the roof. This is one place where I thought why is there so much trashy people around me. it's also a very non-cultured city, despite what you've thought as these people have never been to NYC and it's a few hours away. You 'can' live in Center City but well there aren't much jobs in the downtown area, despite being called downtown. You'll probalby end up working somewhere where you have to drive 2 hours in crappy traffic just to get tehre to work with non-cultured people who can only talk about sports. I can go on and on, but this place is horrible. There's a BBC documentary on youtube about Phily. I suggest you check it out. Everyone was high on PCP in the documentary too. Everyone I met in this state was so backwards and so undependable, and everyone was to them too.

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