Madison for the young single professional

Star Rating 10/2/2005
Madison is a lot of fun, lots of great places to work and hang out. However, I've been here going on 8 years since graduating college, and maybe i've been here too long now, but I'm ready to get out. This places isn't as liberal as everyone says (I'm a kayaker and I won't dip my paddle in any of Madison's lakes due to mercury levels). It's difficult to meet people who are in the upper 20's-low 30's age group who aren't married. It's either college student or married couple with family. But, like I say, you'll like the small town atmosphere, safe neighborhoods, lots of cool little restaurants and bars. If you want a taste of the big city for great music, restaurants and more yp's, head to Milwaukee. I'm used to the winters since I grew up in a nearby state. It's better than Minneapolis's winters!



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