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@M. I could not agree more. I have been here for 6 months for work, and cannot wait to leave.

I have lived all over the world, and this is definitely the weirdest, most racist place that I have ever lived, and I only live here part-time. Thank God.I split my time between Asia, W. Europe and Charlotte. W. Europe, no contest, and I'll take China any day of the week, air pollution and all!I'm so grateful to be wealthy and educated enough to not be trapped here. Again, thank God!..and I'm not even religious, but after living here, I know why so many Southern black Americans are. Black people, from anywhere, will need to "find Jesus" to live here. Lol!

If this is the "New South", the old one must have been a real nightmare!



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Manny A.

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One of the most racist places to live? I don't understand how that can be. According to the voting statistics Charlotte is over 61 percent Democrat. Isn't that the party of tolerance and equality? Is there something I am missing? I would expect that high of a Democratic voting block to be more tolerant.



Steve G.

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I too have live all over the world including China, Japan, Thailand and Western Europe. There is no comparison between China and Charlotte. The quality of life in Charlotte is much better than in China. As an African American, I have experienced more racism in black cities like Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland than in the "New South." Charlotte is a conservative city; it is a laid back city with a very high population of church goers. Perhaps because you don't know Jesus you are much better off in China where Jesus is not really welcome by the ruling party. I am just saying.



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