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Someone on here said Huntsville is extremely diverse. Compared to what? I guess if you consider Baptists, Methodists and Episcopalians diverse. This is a segregated town that is for families. Straight, white, protestant families. Snore. If you are anything else, might want to look elsewhere.



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What I am saying is that your view will be based on where you have lived before. The church that I grew up in has (today) a separate directory for Latino/Hispanic people and encourages African-American people to attend another church that they have closer to the projects. I have lived in New York, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, Nashville, Fort Lauderdale and San Diego and people from those cities find such information positively mystifying. Obviously, segregation is not legal, but this is the South and it is still a fact of life here for whatever reasons. Just the other day, my neighbor started talking to me about how n***ers get some money and don't want to work anymore. If you said something like that in other larger cities people would never speak to you again. Yes, there is A LOT of racism in the South. Huntsville would be considered diverse by a person who is moving here from an even smaller town in the South or mid-west. Also, when speaking about diversity I am speaking of gay and lesbian people, as well.



I just want to clarify that the n-word was what my neighbor said. I was quoting his words.



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