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Denver - too hot, sunny, dry, brown dull - and HOR

Star Rating 6/17/2006
The food here leaves A LOT to be desired - no real delis and only a couple of sub-standard diners, none of the Greek places char-broil their slovakis, the Indian food is fair - but almost double the price of NY's and with smaller portions, the Chinese food is gross - they call tasteless, barely large frozen shrimp "prawns", the worst wonton soup in the universe ($1.75-2.50 for a pint consisiting of 3 tasteless skinny wontons - no pork slivers and no fried noodles) - prices are about 25% higher than NY on average!!!!! Heavy traffic and easily the worst drivers I have seen in the 44 states I have been to!!!!!!! Driving to the ski resorts between the traffic, road conditions, and crazy drivers gives you an ulcer - and you arrive needing 5-6 cocktails to de-stress from the drive!!!!!! Also there is this strange "moon dust" that coats your car within a day or 2 of washing it - guess it goes in your lungs too!!!!!!!! You can get an OK steak or BBQ at the chain restaurants. And you can only buy 3.2 beer on Sunday and that's all 7-11's and supermarkets are allowed to carry. People seem fairly friendly, but get the impression like the other poster stated that it is kinda hard to meet friends here. It is supposed to be number one for singles - but don't get that vibe!!!!!! Also it was claimed to be a fit city, but went to a large bar/club one night and 90%+ of the women could've starred in a Merril Lynch commercial or posed for the label of Ben and Jerry's ice cream!!!!!!!!! LOL :-D Very high UV's here - #1 for skin cancer in the U.S.!!!!!!! Landscape is brown except where there are sprinklers, and thieves are stealing the copper backflow devices and pawning them - and BBQ'ing is banned in some parks because of the fire threat!!!!!! No real seasons - was 60's in the winter - except for maybe 2 weeks with very little snow, than was in the 40's/50's March-April, and then jumped right to summer with a dozen 90 degree+ days already & hit 102 one day, 2 nice days about 75-80, but now will be back to hi-90's to 100 - and summer is a week away!!!!!!!! The paper said the Front Range is becoming a desert!!!!!! I'm thinking of "deserting" this town fairly soon and heading back to the NE!!!!!!



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Corinne H.

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Your talking about how people look and you've not even posted one of yourself. If you had 102 temp that was rare and only happened once, its a mild climate not too cold in winter (try Minn.)and like you said mostly above freezing temps. and never too hot, from like 70 to 90 in summers. You seem like a born complainer. Brown dull? lol we get fresh water from the mountains til mid summer were very green here.You may think the Snow and drivers on the way to resorts are crazy but they are not, they are just experienced winter drivers that know the best way to get through the snow covered streets, i suggest you allow a real Coloradian to show you the restaurants and social scenes and maybe you'd make a friend to drive you safely up the Rockies! lol at your ( !!!!!!! )like its insane here.



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