I love My City "CLEVELAND, OHIO"

 India Iordaah
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Star Rating 10/7/2009
Im so tired of people talking negatively about where they live. Haven't you guys ever heard those stories about terminally ill/very sick people getting significantly better just because of their attitude! If you want your life to be better.....try smiling or being compassionate towards others and being kind to people! Or loving people without a price attached! Overcome the evil things that people do with goodness and love. It's hard and it hurts, especially when those same people hurt you, but you'll have a much better quality of life if you do. Those who can't forgive others have no right pleading for forgiveness when their turn comes around!- I love Cleveland, Ohio. It might be cold most of the time but that just means more skiing, snowboarding and sledding w/ the kids. I've traveled the world and believe me....extreme heat and extreme cold are no different. You cant stay in your AC/HEAT forever. Eventually you have to go outside, and when you do you should head down to the "Rock Hall of Fame or the "Cleveland Museum of Natural History" or maybe catch a show @ the "Playhouse Square". or head down to Lake Erie and watch the sun set over the water? Cleveland is a wonderful place! It's all what you choose to make it!



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