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 Carol Bickett
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Star Rating 10/22/2010
We investigated Asheville, and found the cost of living at this point to be at the national average. Real estate has flopped like everywhere else, so very reasonable cost of living. The mountain people were excited for awhile during the time when prices were going up, but now their bubble is burst. Billy Bob can't cash in his shack to buy an annuity to live on. Shucks, darn. In fact, Billy Bob not only can't sell his shack/home, but now he is having trouble finding work. There are some beautiful homes there for sale that have been built in the last 10 years that will probably sell before Billy Bob's mountain shack, and some on very large lots outside of the city. There are very good restaurants there, nice hotels, and good Bible churches. We find this town quaint, and plenty of opportunities. However, N.C. taxes are bad for retirees (extra capital gains tax, income tax, bad sales tax), so can't say that Asheville is an ideal retirement spot. If North Carolina would get rid of taxes like Florida did, it would be booming. If they'll ever vote in a Democratic governor........



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