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Read Colin post. Basically this is my post deja-vu style. The people are HORRIBLE and flaky. I moved there cuz I thought hey I could use a break from the awesomenes of NY and still save money.

WRONG! Everyone smokes PCP out there, so they're crazy. Hey ride by the conders, you'll hear a menu of drugs and you wonder, what happened to the cops? Did they abandon this place to leave these undesirables to their own devices.

in a nutshell, you have small center city which is decent for a city. but it's small. the surrounding area is basically slums, lower -middle class..and surrounding that are rednecks and deer and trash. this whole state is drug-infested and the crime is through the roof. This is one place where I thought why is there so much trashy people around me.

it's also a very non-cultured city, despite what you've thought as these people have never been to NYC and it's a few hours away.

You 'can' live in Center City but well there aren't much jobs in the downtown area, despite being called downtown. You'll probalby end up working somewhere where you have to drive 2 hours in crappy traffic just to get tehre to work with non-cultured people who can only talk about sports.

I can go on and on, but this place is horrible. There's a BBC documentary on youtube about Phily. I suggest you check it out. Everyone was high on PCP in the documentary too. Everyone I met in this state was so backwards and so undependable, and everyone was to them too.



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