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"I lived in Brownsville 19 years"

I lived in Brownsville 19 years - 2/10/2008
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It was a terrible place to live. Everyone I knew did drugs-smart people, dumb people, rich people, etc. Most people have at least one relative that is in prison because of this horrible problem in our city.

You MUST speak Spanish or will be ostracized. I knew Spanish so I didn't have to go through that whole ordeal.

Businesses are not run like American Businesses are. Brownsville is Mexico. Expect serious corruption in the schools, Police dept, lawyers, and the list goes on.

All of the schools have a high drop out rate, low test scores, and under qualified teachers. The average 18 year old makes a 820 on the SAT and about 10% go to college.

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re: I lived in Brownsville 19 years - 2/10/2008 - 8/19/2010
I honestly enjoy living in Brownsville, regardless of the hot weather...You will find nice people, great food, affordable living, good schools, and a large number of Hispanics of different economic levels who are generally very hard working people. Yes, you will possibly find bad people and others with bad attitude; you might also find incompetent people, corrupt people, drug addicts, but it's perfectly common thing that you will find wherever you go here in the U.S.! We live in a diverse society. Brownsville Texas is a city that many visitors choose to come to because of the convenience of being right across the border from Mexico...Borders cities are generally ugly cities, but even though Matamoros Mexico is an ugly city, people from across are commonly very nice people...Go to a restaurant accross the border and they treat you like royalty! Don't believe 100% of what the news say...The media has completely destroyed the reputation of a city that has brought a lot of great moments to honest people who used to visit Matamoros during their vacation, like me. Also, South Padre Island is 25 min from Brownsville Texas at a speed limit of 60mph. Then, Los Fresnos, Texas is a small city 15 min away from Brownsville and it can be the perfect spot to spend our retirement years...Los Fresnos has a yearly Elvis Presley festival at a place called "Little Graceland". Well, going back to Brownsville...Every year, during the last week of February, Brownsville celebrates "Charro Days Fiesta" where there is a parade on Elizabeth street, followed by different folkloric events related to the Mexican culture and it's a lot of fun. Then, a carnival comes to Brownsville at least 2 times a year. Brownsville is a city that is growing very fast due to its economic development...I believe that today is the perfect time to invest in property or franchises because Brownsville might soon turn into the next big city to visit in the U.S.

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South Padre Island, TX

the real truth about Brownsville TX 2016 - 5/26/2016

I have lived all over the US (FL, CA, MI, OH, MT) The Rio Grande Valley is the WORST place I have ever lived. Why, you ask? Let's start with the housing, those cheap prices are for cheap get what you pay for....they are built close together and there is little zoning or HOAs so your neighbor can run a junkyard next door and there is little you can do about it..oh and did I mention the high utility bills you will have trying to stay cool in 99 degree weather and 99% humidity because the homes aren't insulated well or really built to suit the prepared to feel like you are in the barrio in Mexico, people throw trash everywhere, play Mexican music loudly all day/night long and never ever discipline their children.... oh and there are starving feral dogs running all over the place and beggars at every intersection. You will wonder everyday whether you are really still in the USA. The roads are terrible to drive on and are never fixed correctly. You will have your windshield broken/chipped/cracked and flat tires constantly because they never clean the roads. There are lots of absolutely terrible drivers, people driving around with no license or insurance ( the Nationals drive everyone nuts because they think our speed limit is in kilometers) They have..count them...FIVE police agencies in every city here ( sheriff, constable, DPS, city police, border patrol) and the worst crime rate ever. The police, judges, and every government agency you can think of are incredibly CORRUPT....they even arrested the police in one city for escorting the drug dealers safely through the In 90% of the drug busts they do make, the perps somehow escape capture and I think the average cop weighs about 300lbs. Kidnapping is a serious danger here....many adults are kidnapped taken to Mexico, held for ransom and killed or just kidnapped and killed. Any really nice neighborhood you see you should beware of because it is likely the cartel members own homes there. Don't come if you don't speak Spanish most of the jobs require it...not that it will help you as most of the population is either illiterate or functionally illiterate and speak a sort of creole dialect form of the language (Tex-Mex), so even if you speak perfect Spanish you will still have a hard time understanding the natives. Most of the population claim to be poor, but are experts at working the welfare system. People here like to do business in cash. Most of the restaurants serve only Tex-Mex food (for some reason the Latino people here will only eat this kind of food even though majority are obese and diabetes is rampant among them) and are dirty ( I think there is only a couple of inspectors for all of Cameron county). The only restaurants that have other types of food are mostly chains eg- Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, Applebees, served in restaurants here comes mostly from Vietnam not the Gulf of Mexico, lots of food prepared for a constant barrage of people knocking at your door or coming into your business trying to sell you plates of food ( made God know where with God knows what) to pay for someone illegal's medical expenses or wanting to wash your car (don't do it! you will find things missing from your car). If you are into eating healthy forget it....everything here is fried, fried, fried! There is little organic food or produce to choose from since there is only HEB and Walmart to do your food shopping and the produce at both is poor quality because most people here do not eat many fresh vegetables....they have farm markets which have good produce but if it is cheap it is probably from Mexico, stuff grown here is expensive (comparable to what you would pay at an organic/boutique grocery). Let's talk about medical care...there are lots of Docs (most of them from foreign countries) eager to take your money/insurance and they will make you come to their office and wait 3 hours for your appointment (you have to have an appointment and be seen even if you just need a prescription filled...but try getting an appt. if you are really sick) and not do much to help you, will misdiagnose you ( my mom had a necrotic gall bladder , we went to the ER and were told she was constipated) but will lighten your wallet and commit insurance fraud if they can get away with it...their staff are horrible, they treat you like crap will make appts for you and not tell you, then call you and ask you why you didn't show for your appt. They make lots of mistakes crediting your account then accuse you of being a deadbeat because you supposedly owe the dr made my 70 year old mother cry because she thought she had paid a bill months before going in when she was really sick and the staff berated her and would not let her see the dr ( I had to leave work and go pay it in person in cash, a whole $20,00 that she supposedly owed plus the cost of that day's office visit, bc they would not take a check from me that I gave her that morning to pay for that day's visit or a credit card over the phone).....everyone here is on medicaid or medicare or both... you will have a hard time finding a good doc and if you need a service like physical therapy you will have a hard time finding someone who will take your insurance ( unless you are on medicaid) oh yes the doctors here over use PAs so at many offices you will never see a real doctor. You will also have to deal with the "Nationals," People from Mexico who visit the valley and own a good chunk of the property/businesses. These people are rich by Mexican standards and they never let you forget how much better than you they are...they are the rudest people I have ever met and more prejudiced than any group I have encountered...they like to run their grocery carts into you at the HEB and pretend it was an accident...and they, too, never discipline their is such a wonderful experience here listening to screaming crying children throwing fits all over and throwing/destroying things in the store as they run wild.....there is no respect for other people's property or for neighbors......everyone here seems to feel they have the right to do whatever they want whenever they want......the education level is appalling as is the teen pregnancy rate...teachers are just glorified babysitters....your kids will learn how to barely pass the STAR test and not much else. I have met kids here who tell me they are 4.0 students, but they cannot do basic math in their heads or formulate grammatically correct sentences in English (the language they learned for 12 years in school or are native speakers of) or count change correctly.If you make friends with someone who is from here be careful ..they may just be using you.....they will abuse your kindness and lie to you to get you to feel sorry for them and give/lend them money (you will never get your money back and they will conveniently have an excuse why they cannot help you if you should happen to ask them for a favor). Everyone here will try to rip you off if you are white, elderly, sick or illegal. No one will ever tell you the truth, including your boss and your friends (ha), I think they just don't understand the meaning of this word. Forget about a reputable mechanic (one guy took his truck to get his muffler fixed and the mechanic ripped off his catalytic converter, another has taken his car in for the same repair like 5 times and had to pay for it each time, another person left her car to be repaired and was hospitalized for over a month, the mechanic was informed and moved her car to a storage area and left the windows rained inside her car , the interior was ruined but the mechanic would not take responsibility for it)! In the one sort of nice area (South Padre Island) the taxes are outrageous and so are the rents. There is nothing modern here, most of the expensive housing is not up to code( built with substandard materials, no insulation, crappy falling apart windows, filthy dirty)...and your landlord will never fix anything correctly...but he will show up for the rent check right on time. Most of the Hotels on the Island are riddled with cockroaches and mice and are also dirty. If you visit the Island stay away from beach accesses 5 and 6 at night, its dangerous, as the cartel drug dealers use this area as a drop point for drugs from their boats. Also, the work ethic sucks here...(have fun running a profitable business, your employees will steal from you, not show up for shifts and only do the minimum and not very well, you will have to be there watching them like a hawk)if you have a work ethic you will notice right away you are the only one who shows up on time and does your job, but you will be the last person to get a raise.....lots of employers will fire you for no reason (they will invent one no worries, Texas is a right to work state) other than they found someone else to do your job for less if you complain you get fired. Being good at your job/having a lot of experience means nothing.If you are a contract worker ( lots of those down here) your boss will try to come up with lots of reasons why he will not pay you what you are owed or will try to cut or hold your pay..contracts don't mean much......oh and be prepared for unprofessional behavior eg-being constantly demeaned, insulted, verbal abuse...given the wrong info or no info to do your work then get yelled at for doing it incorrectly, then having to do it over again (of course they gave you the right info) !! Have fun with your coworkers who throw tantrums like little children (yes they will actually cry) and have a "high school" mentality...others will lie to get you in trouble/fired, ostracize you if you are not Latino and retaliate if you complain, your boss will expect you to work overtime but will not pay you overtime ..if you are on salary you don't get anything and full time usually means 50-60 hours per week, not 40. Things that are supposed to be private are anything but- eg an anonymous report to CPS..the CPS worker will tell the parents exactly who reported them so they can retaliate against the reporter who 9/10 times was just doing their job (eg- teachers, doctors, therapists). Oh and the culture....what culture.....oh yes only Mexican culture here lots of festivals loaded with drunk obnoxious people, what fun! The Art museum doesn't have any art of its own to display but they do have small exhibits from time to time. There is one symphony in McAllen (an hour away), UT Brownsville has lots of cool music events but it is scary to go there at night when most are held because it is literally across the street from Mexico in downtown Brownsville. I could go on and I haven't already! There are some great things here too, eg- the beach at South Padre Island, the zoo, some really good restaurants that don't serve Tex-Mex, the birding is world class, there is no traffic really (going to Mexico before the cartels took over used to be a nice experience) and there are some good people but they are few and far between, you have to be tough to survive here ( super hot, humid, windy climate...mostly low paying jobs, poor work environment) and not go nuts ! The only people I know who love it here grew up here and the majority never leave here, if they do they are unable to cope with how the rest of the US works/ expects them to behave and they come back home to the only thing they know. I apologize in advance if my words here have offended anyone...I am only relating my own and my families' experiences here. I was actually really excited to be here when I first came but then I found out the truth about this place...if you don't like it then get off your butt and get out there and make your hometown a better place to live so the reputation of Brownsville gets better.

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Brownsville, TX

best comfort index - 7/29/2009

too hot

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Richmond, VA

Why Brownsville?? - 7/25/2008

I'm often asked "Why Brownsville?" since I'm well traveled and have experienced South America, Europe, East Coast and West Coast. Then know allot of the credit for my decision has to go to my real estate agent Robert Avilar, who made time to introduce me and my brother to what I believe is the Best Kept Secret in the world. Brownsville has history, it has culture, it has diversity, it has beauty, it has beaches, it has Mexico, it has Fantastic Food, its economically fantastic and most importantly Brownsville has wonderful wonderful people, where respect is a priority. Yes all good things have a downside, so here it is......Drive Very Defensively, and property taxes can be Very High and incomprehensable, should I learn more, I'll be glad to share.

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College Station, TX

I lived in Brownsville 19 years - 2/10/2008

It was a terrible place to live. Everyone I knew did drugs-smart people, dumb people, rich people, etc. Most people have at least one relative that is in prison because of this horrible problem in our city. You MUST speak Spanish or will be ostracized. I knew Spanish so I didn't have to go through that whole ordeal. Businesses are not run like American Businesses are. Brownsville is Mexico. Expect serious corruption in the schools, Police dept, lawyers, and the list goes on. All of the schools have a high drop out rate, low test scores, and under qualified teachers. The average 18 year old makes a 820 on the SAT and about 10% go to college.

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Richmond, VA

I'm actively moving to Brownsville from the East C - 5/14/2007

I've traveled most of my life, and currently live on the East Coast close to Washington D.C. I've chosen Brownsville as a place I want to live after my first visit, two years ago. The people have stolen my heart, then you have the many other ammenities to enhance the overall experience....economy, weather, beaches, fishing, hunting, and lovely Mexico. I'm currently purchasing a home, and will relocate permanantly in 2008 if the good lords willing and my patients will allow me to hold out that long. Brownsville is a Great Place to Retire and enjoy REAL LIVING vs Life.... Respectfully to all Del

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Brownsville, TX

Brownsville living conditions... - 8/7/2006

You will find your major consumer stores here such as: Walmart, Sams, Academy, Best Buy, Circuit City, Target and the like. There are plenty of subdivisions going in for people of almost any income level. Brownsville has its north side where the Mall and Movie's are, the downtown side where the college and old town is along the border. South Padre Island is about 25 minutes away. You can find minor league hockey and baseball within an hour or so drive. The population is about 95% Hispanic and spanish is a nice language to be able to speak. Its sunny 90% of the time with a steady breeze. If you like heat and mild humidity (compared to the East Coast) Brownsville may be the place for you. Its an adjustment from the hustle and bustle of the East Coast, because everything is "Manaña." (Tomorrow) Just remember that it is a days drive just to get out of Texas from here. Hope this helps.

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Milwaukee, WI

Brownsville living conditions ? - 6/6/2006

Thinking about moving to Brownsville , could anyone give me some information . Thanks

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