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 Sarah Belles
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Star Rating 1/2/2011
My friends and family often ask me, since moving to Nashville 4 years ago, which I like better, Nashville or New York. Im never quite sure how to answer so I say it would be like 'comparing apples to oranges'. I don't care what anybody say, living in the New York City area has it's downfalls and inconvieniences, but it is my most favorite place in the world. Lets face it, if we didn't complain about it we wouldnt be proper New Yawkaz!
I moved to Nashville as a last ditch effort to salvage my son's father and I's relationship, getting away from it all, far away. At first it was an adventure, a strange new land, now I have second thoughts, and perhaps thirds and fourths as well. Needless to say we didnt 'work out' the kinks, and ended up splitting, eventually I met and married a true Southern Gentleman from Brentwood, TN, so now I have a daughter as well. So as the scales tip up and down, where do we live, my beloved New York or his hometown Tennessee?
The point of my story is to express that while Nashville can e a beautiful choice for some, the intense connections to a different way of life might be too much for some to bear. I strongly recommend that someone relocating from any large metropolis, or coastal region, seriously consider the things that you will be giving up. Nashville is a very tiny city, although in more recent years it has grown somewhat culturally and ethnically, the new growth of boring and mundane cookie-cutter housing complexes and neighborhoods is creatively stiffling. Anyone who knows central Avenue in Westchester County NY will be all but pleased to know that Nashville and it's neigboring cities is a mere criss-crossing of many many Central Avenues. There are some cute little neighborhoods, the old town of Franklin, rich with boutiques and galleries, or Hillsboro Village in downtown Nashville. Unfortunately a handful of 'cute' does not counter ballance the truckload of 'anytown USA'. I must admit there are beautiful and scenic vistas and expansive parks and glorious moutain ranges, but it makes for a better back packing trip then a place to live.
My son attends the local public school, and it is almost as bad as New York inner city schools. Half the children do not speak english, and there is graffiti on the school's front signage. My son told me how one classmate aspires to be in a gang when he grows up, let me tell you, my son is only 8 years old! Needless to say, we are looking into private schools immediately!
Much of the popultaion of true Tennesseans is only what I can describe as 'a bit off'. Some are very racist and ignorant in thought and speach, others almost seem to pride themselves in maintaining a trashy and redneck persona. Trust me it is all good and fine to be country bred, but thats not the issue. These people can be dirty, vulgar and odd. Then again there are some wonderful, beautiful people that I have met, its a strange mix, but I do not think there is such a thing as 'Southern hospitality'. People in New York are far more friendly and courteous. Anyway you put it, I made a huge mistake, and will be returning as soon as possible, I hope not too many others are unfortunate to go down the path I have. Cheap housing, and more land is not worth a dime if you will be misserable otherwise!



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New York has some of the dumbest people i have ever met.



Gerald G.

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Your post is "Spot on" to my experiences. I grew up in a small town outside Nashville. I would add that if you are not Southern Baptist or Church of Christ (Southern ... not congregational) you are very limited in social circles. The narrow minded politics, the bubba culture, the miles of lifeless uncreative mac-mansions. Twenty years ago there was such a thing as Southern Hospitality. But with such high crime and drugs, people are afraid and no longer reach out with kindness. Indeed, I agree, New Yorkers now are honestly more friendly than the mean spirited, self absorbed suburban SUV soccer-moms you meet in places like Brentwood. Plus... country music playing in EVERY store and Fox news on every TV in every location. Thanks. I was seriously considering applying for a job there but you reminded me why I do not want to move back.



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