Sad State of Affairs

Star Rating 2/14/2017
When I moved to Montrose 21 years ago, it was a growing, thriving community. Around 2008 the economy crashed. It's never managed to crawl up from the hole. There's far more people than there are jobs. Last year Russel Stover's ran an ad in the local paper...There would be many part time, seasonal job openings, and on the spot interviews would be available on a certain date, first come, first serve. I went to Russel Stover's on the advertized date. The parking lot was full and automobiles were parked all along both sides of the road. Job seekers were mobbed outside the doors. My estimate was approximately 100. That particular event describes Montrose's dire situation perfectly. The jobs people are able to obtain pay poorly. Few people I know earn more than $10 per hour. Meanwhile, the cost of living has been climbing steadily. A house that would rent for $825 just 5 years ago is now at least $1,200. Utilities are also going through the roof. Some cities combine several utilities into one bill, with one service fee. In Montrose every utility is provided by a separate provider, each with a service fee of their own. One other problem is that Montrose doesn't have enough doctors. When my primary care doctor relocated (due to our languishing local economy) it took a year to finally obtain a new doctor. I called every provider in Montrose, then waited for one to eventually have a new paitent opening. I'm done waiting for Montrose to begin taking a turn for the better. I'm leaving this summer.



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