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Gastonia, NC
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Posted On: 7/23/2008 8:40:03 AM
My husband and I have been living in Gastonia for almost 4 years. We moved here because of my husbands job in Charlotte. We decided on Gastonia because of a house that we fell in love with in the historic district (York-Chester). It is a beautiful, large home that would have cost twice as much if it were situated in one of Charlotte's historic districts. The neighborhood is great, our neighbors are nice but the city overall has not been a good fit for us. The crime rate is fairly high for such a small city and the downtown has yet to be developed, but it is finally getting started. Gastonia, in general, is not a bike friendly town (there are no bike lanes - but lots of DUI bikers). The best part of Gastonia (in my opinion), outside of our great neighbors, is the proximity of Crowders Mountain State Park. Great for hiking and getting out into what feels like mountains even if it isn't. We will probably leave Gastonia for a milder summer and more mountains someday. Right now we're just working on our house and enjoying the YC hood.

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Gastonia, NC

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