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Chicago, IL
Chicago is great
Posted On: 4/19/2012 4:05:49 PM
That is all a lie. Chicagoans are in fact quite friendly for a huge city. And weather is fine in the months of May, June, Septmeber, October. And many people love hot summers in July and August! And there is miles and miles of beaches; who cares if it's on an ocean or not. What were you planning to do..drink the ocean water or something? It looks the same as an ocean beach when you are there so what does it matter? And Chicago beaches are clean, do your research. Santa Monica beaches in the Los Angeles metro area are dirty, and that's on an ocean. And Chicago, being a metro area of nearly 10 million people, has amenities that dozens upon dozens of other metro areas do not have, yet at a lower cost of living than living in New York or L.A. for those amenities. I've been to many cities around the country and Chicago is one of the best. In some ways even more desirable than NY because you get all the amenities without the price. In NY, you are just paying to say you live in New York, but you are not getting any more for your money. And just because you met someone that you felt has done you wrong is no reason, in my opinion, to dislike an entire city. Perhaps it was YOUR attitude or something you done to that person.

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