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I was born in Denver, CO. I have since moved to Littleton, CO to Colorado Springs, CO to Milwaukee, WI to Brookfield, WI to American Fork, UT which is where I live now. I want to move back to Denver soon and eventually out of the country.


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American Fork, UT
Don't live here.
Posted On: 8/30/2012 12:26:58 PM
The schools here are awful. The school curriculum I endured was years behind anywhere else I've lived (Milwaukee, WI; Colorado Springs, CO; Denver, CO). The teachers were extremely substandard. This makes for a less intelligent general population. I've met a lot of people who have moved here and they all agreed that overall the people here are especially ignorant. Almost everyone here is both Caucasian and Mormon. The lack of any culture or diversity is painful to anyone who values either. There isn't anything to do if you're not LDS (Mormon) and even if you are LDS there still isn't much to do anyway. The attitude of the majority is very unhealthy with some of the highest prescription abuse rates, pornography rates, and illicit drug use. It's like a county in denial.


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American Fork, UT