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North Carolina, NC
Keep an open Mind
Posted On: 8/16/2016 4:16:46 PM
Typical northerns who cant appreciate southern culture do not like the south. I am from PA, (I know, to people in NE that's the "south"), but I fell head over heels in love with southern culture. If you keep an open mind, embrace the slower speed of life, attend a community event, and eat the food, they welcome you. Southerners are very proud of their culture and heritage. And why shouldn't they be?
They have a lower cost of living, lower taxes, a healthy economy, and fantastic weather. If you say they turn their noses up at northerns its because northerners do not embrace the culture and think "slower" and "Christian" mean "backwards." Its a different country; and when you live abroad (as I have), you embrace the experience, the good and the bad. You show the people there that you are willing to learn and adapt to their ways. Its called assimilation. This is required when you move to a different part of the country, since the US is so lucky to have such a vast and varied subsets of cultures. Northerns, ya'll need to get over yourselves.

And I'm sorry, but "ya'll" is way better than "yous" "yous guys" or "yinz."


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