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Ohio, OH
Ohio Sucks to live in
Posted On: 6/20/2016 11:03:41 AM
I grew up in ohio. Ive seen and been to every corner. The people are rude work is ridiculous with only the aregant and vandalized running all the work. People in ohio are so pre programmed and scared of not being recognized by their aregant fun sinful bosses. They will look right in yur eyes and lie to u. They think the little they give is worth thousands and needs to have vanity attached to it. The law is manipulative and judges think they sit next to god. Police and undercover agents use the criminals to pull in good people and thier children to feed the surpressive courts who have drained the real criminals and now allow them to run free so they can use them as bitches pimps and drug dealers to befriend yu or yur children into their world so the law makers can drive thier mercedes and live in big homes. When they or their children get dryg in their set free but a good man a good worker looking for 10 minutes if freedom away from the suppression does the same thing his family income and children are ripped away to continue their sick metrix to a military cintrolled state. Families are broken. Rich are vanitized and socializing socialism is the tool ohio uses to create an environment that destriys freedom. The roight to work for yurself and minuplates the truth to feed the rich and powerful. Jobs are mostly temporary and pay crap. Truck drivers go around this state due to the cost if fines and speed to get through it. Judges minuplate the laws implimented by the state to create income to their socialistic system. Ohioians are the rudest people to do business with according to firbs magazine. Ohio law surpresses its communities to the piont people are pre programmed that staing home is better then going out cause something bad will happen to yu. The laws cause divorces and the children suffer from it being lazy stupid and self godded. The roads are some of the worst cause they throw salt on everything destroying yur cars and water supplies which stink and are terrible to bath in if yur not from here. Utilities are very costly the food is very bad and if yu say anthing about yu needing help everyone is so sorry but feed yu crap as help to continue yu being destroyed by the banks cirperations or health system. Its like stupid on stupid and greed feeds it all. The great rolling stop is every drivers concept for saftey . Construction Safety is a complete joke and minuplated to feed the rich. The boss can smoke dop and drink all day along with thier jud

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Mogadore, OH

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