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has written 3 SperlingViews. Currently, Emily is living in Casper, WY and has a little something to say:

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Life Stage:Family with Children
Location:Casper, WY
Occupation:Computers, Hardware
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re: Looking at moving to Casper in the winter - 8/ Posted On: 12/28/2009 2:37:55 PM

Casper Wyoming has terrible winters, we're talking sub zero temperatures, and terrible high winds. The summer is hot and dry. Winter weather literally starts in September! Casper is a beautiful place to live however, great views of mountains and everything. I like living here, I just don't like the winters!

re: Our family is considering moving to Casper in Posted On: 12/28/2009 2:33:57 PM

Housing is great, and rent is also great. But the winters here are sub zero temperatures, and the wind is awfully bad, and the summers are hot and dry. There are many good locations here and some bad ones too. It just depends where you want to be.

Casper WY. Posted On: 12/28/2009 2:29:46 PM

Casper is a great place to live, it has beautiful mountains, great mountain views and lot's of beautiful ranches. However, the winters here are so cold. High winds, sub zero temperatures, and where I live (on a ranch) during the summer, there are a lot of moquitos. Casper has great jobs, and great properties. It has shopping centers and everything. Winter weather starts really early, like in September. Casper also has great ski places, and you're close to Yellowstone.