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Work hard, my family, my friends and mountain biking... who needs a Ferrari...?


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Tucson, AZ
Posted On: 2/21/2011 9:21:39 PM
What is going on is that the old bird community is colliding with the young, fresh Tucson generations, I know that old people live a very long time this days, my 87 year old grandma lives a great quality of life in Tucson, but she's a Tucson loving old lady, unlike some of our sour visitors from other states.

I've grew up in Tucson, I've seen how nice snowbirds can be, and how "crazy" others are, and I say crazy because I cannot choose the proper words. What did they expect when they came to Tucson, a place with white supreme dominance where everyone from other ethnic background bending over and taking it in the "rear"?,

Of course they get frustrated when they see someone different and give them the classical look", you know, the gaze of mistrust, and they get the what the f are you looking at?, it's simple, logical. I see the comments from other people from other places claiming that Tucson is a living hell that they have been suffering for 30 years".,.. and so on, of course, not very successful are we?

don't believe the negative, but if you're planning to move to Tucson and you can't stand hearing kids, families, speaking fluid english and spanish or a mix of both, or korean or chinese, and you can't stand white folks with tatoos, bikers, kids skateboarding, mountain biking, down hilling down your "walking trails", then it's probably, no, most likely, is not the Tucson you would come to expect.

Tucson, AZ
re: Tucson Really Sucks! - 2/10/2011
Posted On: 2/21/2011 8:57:49 PM
wow!, and you've been living in Tucson for 20 years?, feeling that way, from The big apple, cultured and extravagant?, I smell poverty and wannabe.., in addition to old age. Tucson is the best place to live for world loving people who love the outdoors not an opera. You moved to the wrong place, no doubt about it, but see, miserable people who move here from other places are the ones that are making Tucson Sour, not the illegals, or rednecks or a growing african american community, is white conservative, hard ass old white people like you.

Tucson, AZ
re: Listen ALL OF YOU - 10/10/2007
Posted On: 2/21/2011 8:45:06 PM
You've said it all, that is it!, agree


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