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Louisiana, LA
Summary of LA IMO
Posted On: 10/28/2016 7:23:25 AM
I have lived here my whole life and I have to say it sucks. Summers are ridiculously hot. People are usually unfriendly. Home prices are through the roof. Third and fourth generation welfare leechers thrive. Crime is crazy in some areas. Don't think rural areas don't get hit either. We've had things stolen multiple times. You better lock it in a building and hope no one breaches it. Until sheriffs start telling criminals if you're on someone's property stealing you're on your own and if you get shot you can't sue if you live nor a family member can. There should be 2 states north and south. Below Alexandria is totally different. The Kisatchie National Forest is pretty. North Central Louisiana is much more pleasing to the eyes. Too much delta on the east. Most people live in shacks or mobile homes because of the home prices. Shreveport area sucks. Alot of methheads here. Just stating the facts when I say the higher crime areas are usually niggers not black people. There is a difference. You folks that call people racist in the south come live here a few months and you will see. Stay away from Monroe, Shreveport, Winnfield, Gibsland, Jonesboro, and Arcadia. Ruston is ok, but ridiculous cost of homes and land. Calhoun is becoming popular but it does come at a price as well. If I was to score LA I would give it a 6/10. Good luck.


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