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Mid-30's coupled professional with an active outdoor lifestyle, who enjoys great food, beer and coffee. I love cooking, listening to nearly all genres of music and exercising. Riding my bike to work again would be ideal, along with a continuation of climbing, yoga, and perhaps running and/or weight training. I love my partner and we are looking to move someplace we can actually afford so we can enjoy our lives a little more here and now in the present instead of at some distant point in the future. :-)


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Young Couple
Climbing, biking, yoga, cooking, music, coffee, beer.

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Oakland, CA
Unsustainable cost of living
Posted On: 4/11/2014 2:56:35 PM
We are looking to move out of the San Francisco Bay Area, simply because we can't afford it. We would need to make a combined income of approximately $400,000 in order to save the kind of money we would need for a down payment on a "modest" home here. Even a house in rough shape goes for $500,000 around here. I've seen single bedroom, single bath homes go for $750,000 near me. It's appalling. To make it even more appalling, the market is still so competitive you need at least 20% down payment to get in the door. That's minimum $100,000. If it weren't for that, and how unsustainable that is once you layer in having kids, retiring, etc. I would live here. I would need to win the lottery or find myself a wealthy individual to make me a benefactor. It's such a shame. What a beautiful place to live.


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Oakland, CA