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kathy eldridge Tucson, AZ | 2 Review(s)

retired professional, 57 years old married, 2 dogs love corvallis would love to be able to afford it


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Bend, OR
medicare doctors
Posted On: 11/14/2009 2:17:32 AM
If you are on medicare good luck in finding a doctor here, they only take a certain percentage of medicare patients, if you're not one of the lucky ones you could go six months without getting in to see a primary care physician.

Corvallis, OR
housing prices in corvallis
Posted On: 8/27/2009 11:14:06 AM
I love corvallis, have for a long time, but it is too expensive to buy a house. I am looking at about 200,000 cash and the only homes available are crappy looking one level ramblers. Its unfortunate that Corvallis has not realized they have outpriced most people from the market. With the job losses at Hewlitt Packard and other companies in Corvallis when will houses fall into line. I don't care they say they were not part of the bubble they are keeping people like myself from moving into the area.


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Tucson, AZ