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Brenham, TX
Just visit.
Posted On: 9/17/2012 7:14:32 PM
Its fine to visit. But if you are not a BIB, and need to network
for a job in this town, stay far far away.

Sure they are friendly if think going to get some of your spending
money, but don't think they will be friendly if think someone if
going to move here and take jobs from there kind.

I do fine here since don't work and just moved here because
convenient to basic stores I needed. Anything else I go to
Houston or College station.

It is a very clickish town that seems to worship that ice cream, HEB
brand is better.

So if you have no need for locals or work, its an ok place to live.
They have a saying about something smelling LOL That is the way
BIBS think.


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Brenham, TX