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Miami, FL
Posted On: 7/22/2016 7:37:00 AM
What to said, I live here since 2013, I'm Cuban, but I have to said that I'm truly surprised for what we are doing with this city, We have to do something with the traffic and the insanely drivers who drive as they own way, the police department are not working on that way and of course all Latins who live here think they are in they own country, so, people, we are not living in Cuba,Venezuela,Mexico,Ecuador,Honduras,Nicaragua,Colombia, we are living in America now, we have to care about our city, we have to adapt and respect the law, I feel here that I'm not living in USA, but I feel this is the City more closer to USA :(

Miami Beach, FL
Don't live here
Posted On: 7/22/2016 7:27:00 AM
Life here are extremely expensive, I lived here 1 year ago, and this's my opinion, bad things, the parking are the worst in Miami Area, there are no space, a lot of people are selling permits to the local area workers who lives outside of Miami beach, so cars space are over saturated, all recreations park and streets smells to animals and excrement and when are rainy days increase the bad smell, rent are high for small and old apartments,in the night you can see people using drugs, and driver driving under influence of alcohol,marijuana or any other drugs, a lots of homeless and crackers in the night, people are extremely rude, and can vandalize your car in the streets anytime even your own neighbor, also your car can be tow away without any explication, if you have kids, this's not a place to live, move out of here or relocated in another area


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