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Brunswick, GA | 1 Review(s)
my name is victor young i was raised in south east georgia and lived thee until the age of 20 i moved away in hopes to escape the high crime in the area my life would never be the same after certian events changed it forever in 2004 i now live in northeast arkansas with the women of my dreams and trying to get my life on the right track


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Brunswick, GA
crime in brunswick georgia: what to do to keep you
Posted On: 9/11/2011 2:19:03 PM
I lived in Brunswick my whole life and recently moved due to the raising crime rate in the city and county limits the amount of crime is unacceptable considering the amount of law enforcement in the area in 2004 i was leaving a friends house as a made my way through the streets heading for the highway i stopped at a stop sign keep in mind this is in the city limits a group of three armed men entered the back seat of my car and demanded that i drive to a secluded area when one of the armed men made the comment that we would be killed i had no other choice than to drive my car into a building in hopes me and my friend would be able to escape the plan worked better than i hoped not only did we make it out with only minor injury but they were not able to obtain our money or kill us as we ran away the fired numerous shots trying to hit us when the police were notified the Glynn county police made us the criminals and refused to even investigate the crime. after a few years passed more and more murders and robberies occured it became so bad i didn't even feel safe leaving my home with out a loaded pistol on hand. so if your thinking about visiting this place make sure you have a fully loaded pistol and a flask vest you never know what will happen with growing gangs and drug activity the area is becoming one of the most dangerous places to live in Georgia so i ask you all to be careful and trust no one no matter what even the police are corrupt so keep to your self and obey all the laws you should be fine. better yet just stay on one of the islands they are safer but you still have to watch your back there as well.

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Brunswick, GA

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