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Vermont, VT
Do your homework
Posted On: 12/2/2014 7:22:02 PM
Spent 48 years on the NY / Vermont border living and working in both states.
The reason we moved to Florida three years ago was because of taxes, politics, taxes, cold winters(lots o snow), taxes. We figured that Florida was the place to go.
Do your homework... yes the taxes are cheaper, but the homeowners insurance makes up for the difference. Example on average house $100,000
In Florida taxes around $600 and insurance over $2000.
In Ny taxes several thousand and insurance around $800.
So there's not a great savings there, as for utilities heat expensive up there, A/C
expensive in Florida.
Now for wages, florida has the poorest wages that you could imagine and what that drives is the poorest work force possible. It also carries very low income families and a lot of poor neighborhoods. With that it's fair share of crime.
We are thinking Vermont is looking good again.


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