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Springfield, MA
re: A complete joke of a city!! - 4/15/2007
Posted On: 1/23/2016 6:54:13 AM
you havn't been there for a long time and yes it is getting better. I move here in 2012 and it is very nice. Beside talk about crime and bad areas where you can't walk at night ,lets talk about Hartford . I lived there and it is bad some areas very bad. live Vine St. in Hartfoed,Ct. or Bloomfield or Bishop Cornor in Hartford area ok .Please then stay in Ct. where you belong.

Springfield, MA
re: Run AWAY!! - 4/7/2013
Posted On: 1/23/2016 6:49:59 AM
You are a piece of woprk first you do not know wjat you are talking about .And I don't believe you ever lived in Ma. It is so obviuos case a person like you an idiot never started a progran in Ma. and Springfield ,MA. you moron is not in the eastern cites of Ma. but in the western part. What the hell isyour problem, why lie to make yourself look like an ass or just plain stpuid. Please don't ever come to Ma. stay in Florida where you belong. Dam you sound like a stupid morin from the southern hills (hillbillys)

Massachusetts, MA
About the truth os Springfield,Ma.
Posted On: 1/23/2016 6:38:46 AM
What the hell are you talking abpout . Springfield,Ma. has s strick dog leash program. I hate to say but Florida has more problems than we do. You do not live here so why talk about your self. like you do. Please do us a favor never come here,we do not need trash like you in our State. I live here you idiot


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