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I have lived in several areas of the United States, North, West and some time in Mid west and now live in the South.


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Mature Single
Healthcare - RNs & Nurse Management

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Wilmington, NC
Posted On: 8/26/2012 7:30:49 PM
OK, let's be real here. There is nothing cultural to do here. There's no professional sports teams, no real convention center or stadium to attract rock bands- you know, professional rock bands? The "museum" doeesn't have any real exhibits that travel from city to city. Have I left anything out? Oh, resturants, most are small locally owned varieties of fried food, you know traditional "southern" food. How about smoking everywhere you go, including the jerk on the road who sticks his hand out the window with the cigarette in it, so we all have to breathe it in. Do they realize the smoke blows right back in the window anyway? So, in a nutshell, let's review, DON'T MOVE HERE if you want to have fun or do anything after dark or cultural. How about earning money? Unemployment ranks among the highest in the nation, and most jobs are service driven. I am an RN and have been out of work on several occassions and it has taken me a few months or more to find work because if you don't work for the local hospital, yes there's only ONE HOSPITAL, and if you don't know someone or "volunteer" there like so many RN's apparently do in order to get a real job there....you aren't going to make it. There are a few crappy and horribly run nursing homes filled with some really crazy people, and I'm not talking about the patients here... If you rank going to the beach as your number one thing to do day and night, you are set- move here and enjoy, but if you wznt to earn money, have fun and meet quality people, look elsewhere and do not move here. I now have to sell my house and cut more losses and I am really researching my next move much more carefully.


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Wilmington, NC