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Mount Airy, NC
It's not Mayberry that is for sure!!
Posted On: 8/23/2012 12:51:12 PM
I have lived in Mount Airy much of my adult life. I have never liked Mount Airy. Mount Airy is very family-oriented and therefore very cliquish. It is very difficult for an outsider to fit in unless, of course, you are a doctor, doctor's wife or any other such professional. I will agree that Mount Airy is a beautiful town especially if you no the areas to avoid. They have a charming downtown where you will find the merchants very friendly. However, beware if you're coming into town on a late evening and expecting to get some shopping done on main street. Most stores close up early on Saturdays around 6ish. Very,very few stores are open on Sudays. I will praise the Downtown Mount Airy Association in that they have introduced several events over the course of time. But, like almost anyother town or city, Mount Airy has its share of drugs, crime, less-than-desirables, and your occassional street corner Bible thumper.


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