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Tucson, AZ
re: Tucson Really Sucks! - 2/10/2011
Posted On: 2/14/2012 12:20:55 AM
I agree. I have been to over 30 states in this country. I can honestly say that Arizona, and especially Tucson has it's share of the RUDEST people you will ever run across. I have lived in Tucson now for a grueling 5 years and can tell you it's felt like 15. Driving is horrendous, people usually do 10-15 mph UNDER the speed limit or cut you off and nearly cause an accident basically anywhere. So not only taking 2 hours to get anywhere, you get behind these people who are basically catatonic behind the wheel. Then everywhere you go you have to deal with everyone's inflated egos in this city. I have never seen so many bald-headed, goatee wearing, tattooed, cut off sleeve, wannabe tough guys in my life. Everyone's running around like this is the wild-west and don't know how to be civil to another human being. Like I said, i've seen a good share of this country and the people are here...just have no clue how to treat other people. This place is good to vacation in no excess of a week. If you come from New England or another part of the world and want a change of scenery, it's good...for about a week. IF you're not here to be social..Because if you try to crack a joke or try to be friendly to somebody, they'll look at you like you're one-eyed and GREEN. I am desperately trying to get out of this state and furthest away from it as I can. I really cannot fathom how ANYONE can defend this place unless they were born here and never set a foot OUTSIDE of Tucson's city limits. Then you have some people who make the argument "they're from somewhere else". No they're NOT. The only NICE people i've met here actually are from other states.


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