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Justin Denton Durham, NC | 1 Review(s)

I'm a NC native. I grew up in eastern NC.
I attended UNC Chapel Hill, moved back east for a few years after that, then returned to the Triangle area in 2011 for a career opportunity.


Life Stage:
Family with Children
Computers, Software
Hiking, camping, reading, music.

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Durham, NC
Lots of Outdoor Options
Posted On: 7/5/2013 10:48:25 AM
Durham ( & the Triangle / Central NC area), is a great location for outdoor activity. There are state parks, hiking trails, and a number of lakes & rivers nearby. Both the mountains & coast are within reasonable driving distance (a few hours).

The main drawback, for me, is that the summers can be too hot & humid to really enjoy activities like hiking & camping.


Current Location

Durham, NC