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Tucson, AZ
Stay Away
Posted On: 4/30/2012 1:27:00 PM
I would not want to live in or even visit Tucson again. The roads are horrible. There are an incredible number of potholes that can cause serious damage, poorly marked streets, lanes that end with little or no warning. Travelling in town is scary. Many drive 80 or 90 in 40 MPH zones/cutting mainacally across traffic. A lot of people try to jump the lights. That is they take off when the light turns yellow the other way but has not yet turned green their way. There are a lot of serious accidents. The only thing is Phoenix drivers are worse (though the roads are better). The central part of Tucson looks like some 3rd world country. Crime is through the roof. There are some good resturants and places to go but risking you life to go there is just not worth it.

If you really want to see southern Arizona, I would recommend the small towns. Safford, Benson, Bisbee especially. Sierra Vista and Tombstone as well but I think Tombstone is too commercialized Also Nogales for shopping (it is helpful to speak Spanish there) and you can walk over to Mexico. if you go to Nogales you can stop in Patagonia or at Patagonia Lake for a swim ($10.00 per car). Thre are large mountain ranges near Safford and Sierra Vista. Safford has several campgrounds at 9000 feet which would be much cooler in the summer.

Little Rock, AR
re: Thinking of moving here - 5/5/2009
Posted On: 3/24/2011 12:31:42 PM
little Rock has a nice bike trail, but unless you live very close to the trail, riding in town is very hazardous. Most people bring their bikes on their cars or trucks to the trail so it is not useful for transportation unless where you are and where you are going are close to the trail. Sidewalks are ok, but some issues, not bad in town. you just have to be on the correct side of the road. Riding a scooter on the road may be hazardous as well. When out of little Rock, riding a bike is not easy. Arkansas rated 45 of 50 states and received an F for infrastructure for bicycling.

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