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Prior Lake, MN
Love it!
Posted On: 10/11/2012 7:27:30 AM
Prior Lake is an amazing place to raise a family and to live. The city puts a lot of money into community events that are almost always free or of low cost. From the local Farmer's Market to Music in the Park every Thursday evening during the summer to fireworks displays for the Fourth of July and Lakefront Days (Prior Lake's annual city celebration). The city does an amazing job keeping the roads clean in the winter months and the city looks amazing year round. Prior Lake has so many parks I cannot begin to count them all and they also boast a lot of restaurants that are not chains such a Captain Jack's on Prior Lake, The Cove Pub, and Perron's Sul Lago. Speaking of Prior Lake - what an amazing feature to a city! If you get a chance to be out on a boat, don't forget to spend a day being social in Candy Cove where you could literally walk across all the boats from one shoreline to the other without getting wet! Crime is low and the schools are rated very high. My only complaint about living in Prior Lake is the snowy and cold winter, but that is of no fault of the city! Home prices are ridiculously high but that is also not something exclusive to this area - it's a Minnesota suburb problem! Traffic going "across the river" during peak travel times can be slow especially during spring flooding when many other roadways are closed! Approximately 20 minutes (during good traffic) to Minneapolis and a fun nightlife. Prior Lake doesn't offer too much of a nightlife so you'd have to venture out of the city for that. I would recommend this city to everyone from young families to retirees.

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Prior Lake, MN

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