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Im married with no children and I live in a great community.


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Lewisville, TX
Great Place for the Money
Posted On: 4/18/2010 12:43:38 PM
This is a great place to live for the money and yes it is one of the more affordable communities north of Dallas and its only getting better. First this is a great place to raise a family and small town atmosphere even though the population is pushing 100,000. Second there is a lot of shopping within the city around Vista Ridge Mall or on Main Street and areas close by like Grapevine Mills Mall and the new shopping area out in Flower Mound/Highland Village area. Third Public Transportation is still pretty new here but growing rapidly you can currently catch the DCTA express bus to Dallas at the Cinemark Theatre off of Rockbrook Drive north of Vista Ridge Mall and as I post this the Dart and DCTA rail line is being developed including two DCTA rail stations one near Old town off of Main Street and the other off off Hebron Pkwy just east of I35. There are more running and bike trails being developed as well. It is about as pedestrian friendly here as any other nice or nicer suburb around here. This community is also about as safe as the more pricy communities around. The housing choices include newer luxary apartments, newer townhouses, and existing houses both new and old of all price ranges to make this a diverse community. I believe a great quality life includes diversity and this community has both.

Seagoville, TX
Small town plenty of room close to Dallas.
Posted On: 3/28/2010 5:48:01 PM
I dont live here now but grew up in this area this is a great place to live. Even though its a relatively a small community within 20 miles of downtown Dallas off of US175 there is stuff to do here during the daytime with some shopping available in Seagoville. There is a lot more to do just up the road in Mesquite and Dallas though. But this is a affordable and genuinely great and safe community and US175 has few traffic problems and its a quick commute to Downtown Dallas and even to North Dallas which we all can use here in the DFW area. This area has plenty of room to grow as well so hopefully it will include carefull planning with its growth in the future and remain a nice quiet rural oasis near Dallas. There will continue to be newer housing options here in all forms well into the future so this community has great potential.

Lewisville, TX
Not perfect but really great place
Posted On: 3/28/2010 5:05:38 PM
I believe this is a great place to live north of Dallas for the money since I been here 5+ years, its still safe and reasonable whether you rent a house, apartment or townhouse or buy a house/townhouse and you will find that this area especially older areas are starting to improve. Our neighborhood one of the old Fox and Jacobs neighborhoods is getting water, sewage, and street improvements right now. New housing options are either apartments or townhomes the exception is out in Castle Hills addition which is between Carrollton and The Colony which is basically upscale mansions. In regards to people saying there are no places where people can ride their bikes or there are no bike lanes that has improved now that there are more bike trails than there were about 2-3 years ago. You can enjoy Central Park which has the Timber Creek trail that I believe goes about 2 miles about one mile each direction you just need to go to the city website and look under park and recreation for other trails around the city but they do exist. Yes there are improvements that could be made but this is a great place to live, you live close to everything in the DFW area but still have a little breathing room and a small town atmoshpere that you would find in very few suburbs here anymore. Plenty of shopping still exist believe or not even though a lot of new big box stores that Flower Mound/Highland Village said they never would get now moved out there around FM2499 and FM407 if you like ridiculous traffic because of poorly planned roads. However there is still plenty of shopping around Vista Ridge Mall as well and of course you have 2 Walmarts. The best indoor Mall however would be Grapevine Mills just down the road in Grapevine next to DFW Airport. There are a lot of small businesses as well that can use business yes they may not be as nice or cheap but they are local business in fact some do exist in some of the old big box stores on Main Street. Public Transportation does exist here in Lewisville currently by bus if you look at the DCTA website you can see the routes dont even touch Flower Mound and its really needed because congestion is getting worse and the DCTA rail system is being built east of 35e with three stations being built in Lewisville to Connect Dallas and Denton. There is a bus (DCTA) that goes from Lewisville to Dallas currently on weekdays. Overall its really a great place to live and this area still has great potential just like any other newer suburb to the east or west.

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Lewisville, TX

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