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Fort Myers, FL
A Truly Boring, Backwards City
Posted On: 11/5/2012 11:44:53 AM
The restaurants are overpriced and the food is exceptionally bad, in addition to, insufficient staffs. There are barely any sidewalks. People here seemed to be oblivous to reality as, they don't stop for stop signs or Pedestrians. They said the south is backwards, just never realized it would be to such a degree of backwardsness. The locals are uncivilized, unintelligent animals, or bi-polar bullies. They drive at break neck speed to get to a red light and will act like they are going to smash into you in the process, they must really live in the Nascar moment always. After being menaced by a local redneck, tailgaiting, yelling, gesturing, he finally decided to throw somthing at my car. So, called the law, which kinda knew beforehand was pointless. Am audibly upset and right away the put-out officer says "your being sarcastic to me" whaaa, I can't help you if you speak that way. Then we get to discussing how law enforcement could make so much money by pulling over all these cretens that do 80-90 miles in a 45. I was told they do not do that because they would be putting themselves in danger. What? Why on earth are you a police officer?? Well don't worry cause I will be out there myself being put in danger, you make sure to stay in and stay away from the lawbreakers. (ba haa aack wards) SHEESH. Will be out as soon as humanly possible.


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