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Kansas City, KS
KS or MO?
Posted On: 4/24/2012 10:14:33 AM
lived in both kansas city, ks (wyandotte county) and in kansas city, mo - and we preferred kcmo - there was a little more to do - besides, in kansas it's a b*t*h to get your hard earned refund if you're owed something back. The state was so broke they couldn't give people their State refund checks. sad. Either way, get ready for blistering unbearable humidity and heat, the kind that makes you go mad, hour long waits on crappy buses when all you wanted to do was go to the store, what should just be a 15-20 minute trip, can take you up to an hour or more. Ridiculous cold, harsh winters though you can be in low 20's one minute and the next it will be 80 something degrees...crazy.


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